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Saw this over you know where. Nando Monterazo is a software engineer at Nintendo of America. On Twitter hes been talking about how Nintendo are working on a (currently) Android based tablet with educational games for schools.

Experimenting with a tablet of Nintendo, the system is based on android, fully modified and unified as a database of the tablet.

At the moment just testing communication environment of educational games that will be shared between the kids using the tablet!

Nintendo is testing only the "Android" but in fact she wants a system written in C/C++ in a Unix environment for the system single tablet!

Many people will be wondering if games "Nes", "SNES" or "Game Boy" the tablet will not have these games, educational games only!

It is, a tablet with educational games for children with Nintendo characters....

Now, does this mean Nintendo are now developing for 3 platforms or are they outsourcing development of these games to smaller teams?

Will this be a huge success? Will anything even come from this?

What say you, VGC?


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This is not what they should be working on. -_-

deary me

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morenoingrato said:

This is not what they should be working on. -_-

You are acting like they are ignoring everything else.

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People ripped me apart for it, but I've been saying for a while if Nintendo was going to make a tablet, Google would be an ideal partner. Free OS, entirely customizable, established fan base, etc. etc.

They also already have worked with Google in the recent past, with the Google Maps app for the Wii U. Iwata Asks even had a Google software engineer to answer questions about the app.

Now this may strictly be an experiment for the educational market (which isn't a bad play either, except Apple seems to be cornering the market on that fast), but if Nintendo is R&Ding tablets of any nature, it's actually pretty mind blowing. 

I'm also guessing this Nando Montezaro is going to have to delete these tweets pretty soon, lol.

If all that is true, then why does this guy think it's a good idea to leak it on Twitter? Although it does sound true with classic Nintendo games not being planned for this tablet. It's not going to have an impact on what Nintendo normally does, because such educational games don't require any top talent; it's about software that is merely functional.

I still don't quite believe it though.

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Biased reviews are a pleasure to read. Just my opinion, of course.

OPENING THE POSSIBILITIES. How is this bad, when Nintendo is an small only-gaming company that help education (SOMETHING IMPORTANT VOF EVERYBODY)? .
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I believe Nintendo tried or experimented with DS' in Japanese classrooms at the height of the Brian Training craze, but I think the school board wasn't thrilled with it because kids were using them (as you would guess) play games of the non-educational variety.

It may be a tough market to crack though, I believe Apple just got a deal with the California/Los Angeles school board that every child will be getting an iPad for educational purposes ... but you can see how such a move might worry Nintendo ... *every* single kid with their own personal iPad. 

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The Wii U is struggling to match Gamecube levels of sales. This isn't a money printing Wii/DS generation. So why shouldn't they look for additional sources of revenue?