Which gameplay mechanic almost ruined a good game for you???

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For me it's easy.

I played Mass Effect 1 and thought it was great!! The moment i became a spectre, wow.

Then i drove the MAKO for the first time. Ouch, wat a bummer that was. I couldn't handle it. The controls, the way the thing drove around on the planets. For me it felt like the ultimate dealbreaker~!!!

I almost didn't play the game anymore, but luckily the story was just too intense to let go.

So what's yours???

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I'll have to go back to the overrated thread I made to add Mass Effect. Forgot about it when posting that.

I never did complete the first one because the overall gameplay is garbage. Same as above, The storyline was decent, the dialogue was good, but the whole randomness of wh. I became a Spectre, but it wasn't too long after that I quit, and it wasn't just because driving on the surface of planets. The reason I quit was because it was an incredibly poorly done third person shooter. A cover system that didn't work well, both allies and enemies were the most stupid AI I've seen in a video game, the RPG-like third person shooting system made it so you could have the target centered on the enemy yet miss over 50% of the shots you took, etc. This game scored as high as it did simply because it was an exclusive and nothing more. I wanted to finish the game because it was going to get a very low review score from me, but I couldn't stand playing the game any longer so never did finish.

I may be off topic here but for me the combat in Skyrim is aweful.I generally like the game but man.....I can't get used to the combat mechanics.Oh, I also hate the shooting in GTA4 and Red Dead Redemption.So I sold the 1st one but I did finish RDR cause overally it was a magnificent game.

I might be one of the few people that actually loved the Mako and wanted it on the next games . Those exploration segments were amazing for me and the Mako was drivable (at least on PC).

The most recent culprit of this, for me, is KH 3D. I'm a sucker for the KH series, but this has been the single KH I haven't been able to complete thanks to it's ridiculous mechanic: The Drop System.

I hate how i'm on the middle of exploring something and suddendly the game goes (Lol nope, switch to the other character asshole). Completely breaks the flow of the game and any sense of continuity (I like continuity dammit!).

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Hmm, from memory, I can't really think of many in past years. Soemtimes, I just lost interest however recently played Jak and Daxter series, 1st was superb, near perfect platformer. 2nd and 3rd, well they are weird racing games. I don't want racing games, I want a platformer. So I stopped playing.

Hmm, pie.

Taking care of Ashley in Resident Evil 4.

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The movement in Resident Evil 1 (aka tank controls). It was so bad that I didn't finish the game.

Also the missile aiming in Metroid: Other M. Because of this I couldn't win one of the boss fights and also couldn't finish the game.

novasonic said:
Taking care of Ashley in Resident Evil 4.

The above!! Yes. It was painful.

pauluzzz1981 said:
novasonic said:
Taking care of Ashley in Resident Evil 4.

The above!! Yes. It was painful.

Painful yes, but still better than Natalya in Goldeneye.

Regarding Mass Effect, I really liked how the Mako controlled (on PC anyway, not played it with a controller)... the main thing wrong with the planetary exploration for me was that despite having a vehicle that can scale 60 degree gradients at ease, if you truly want to explore the areas 2/3rds of your time is spent on 70+ degree gradients.

My other problems with Mass Effect include the uselessness of the automatic rifle unless you are well trained in its use and have at least the basic Spectre version, (HMWA VII I think) as well as the quantity of useless upgrades for weapons etc.