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Mine froze a few times around launch, but hasn't since then. I had an issue with there being some dust under my gamepad screen, but I recently sent it to Nintendo and they fixed it.

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Mine has run fine since launch day. I think it froze up once or twice before I downloaded the day one update, but after that its been flawless.

I got the white basic model a week after it launched. It ran fine without any issues; after the initial update I was left with 2.5GB of storage left so I decided to return it for the Deluxe black model.

The black model had the blinking blue light error out of the box. After a quick google search, there was no fix since it was some RAM manufacture issue so I went to exchange.

The second one is the one I have today and has ran without any serious problems. It has never frozen while playing, but it will freeze maybe 1 out 5 Netflix launches. I just hard reboot it so I put up with it.


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FarleyMcFirefly said:

Well it has been a whole year now since the console launched.  I bought mine on day one.

I only had ever heard of the Xbox 360 faulty systems with the "red ring of death" I believe it was called.

If I had known that launch systems usually had problems I would totally have held off on the Wii U until this year.

My first Wii U kept freezing, so I sent it into Nintendo for repairs.  It took over a month for them to get it back to me.  When it finally got back to me, I had found out that they did not repair the system, only that they had sent me a new one with the same problems as the last one and all of my data was gone.

To this day it still freezes off and on, for some reason when it is loading the eshop and miiverse a lot lately.  Anyone else have issues?

Is their a way yet to copy and transfer Wii U game data to another system?  I just don't want to lose my data again...    

The freezing is not a WiiU defect it's actually problem with the software. Most of the WiiU patch since launch have been dealing with the freezing problem in the software. If your WiiU isn't connected to the internet it will have a lot more issues then one that is fully updated.

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Some freezes before the Summer update but nothing important.
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I have a day one system and didn't have any problems with it until it was hit by lightning. It is possible to transfer the save data before shipping it. I sent my console in the memory was whiped, it was a faulty flash chip. (It keep resetting randomly without any errors.) I unfortantly forgot to transfer the saves. Nintendo probally has the best console warrentees out of the big three. On a side not it is a pain in the butt tryin to type with out an "s" key on you keyboard. My brother who is moving back in dropped my keyboard while rearranging the room, and lost it. I'm going to try to get him to get me a new one. (And not the cheep ones either whose keys are so close together you end up hitting the print sceen key while hitting the backspace. (My work has a back office computer with a cheep Wal-Mart special, that does that, well it not my paper they are wasting)

Mine crashes when playing Monster Hunter online, but only if I have someone on the friend list. The strangest bug ever.




Only freezing was an issue at launch and first quarter of this year. Software updates fixed that.

Have you failed to update your Wii U?

Beyond some rare freezes in December 2012 ~ February 2013, it has been a perfect working machine.

You can see my game list in sig if you want to know what I've been playing and it gets played almost daily by my family.

I bought my Wii U Deluxe edition mid-December, almost a month after it released, don't know if it was a launch system, but I guess it is since the store I bought it from hadn't ordered any more consoles since the launch.

So far it has froze three times, all of them while playing Lego City Undercover. Lucky that game autosaves often.


let me tell you something, you have problem with your internet connection. when the internet speed is low, the OS freezes but not completely, I just let it be for 30 seconds and then the system keep running. If you are playing with spotpass or uses Miiverse heavily it will freeze your system for the same reasons, you can prove that easily. If the system make a heck of a noise, the hardware freezes, if not it is a connection issue. Sometimes is just because your speed connection is not stable. Try using it by turning off the internet connection.