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How would you rate the launch lineup?

Good 51 20.90%
Bad 73 29.92%
Decent 101 41.39%
See Results 19 7.79%

Now that you have got to try out some of the PS4 games for yourself what would you rate each game.  I'll average out VGC's average compared to Metacritic.  Because I am using metacritic as well I will only be showing the ones that are reviewed on Metacritic.  On the other hand I'll also post the overall score to makeup for this.  You will see what I mean in the list below.

Battlefield 4
Metacritic - 87
VGC Score - 

NBA 2K14 
Metacritic - 85
VGC Score - 

Need for Speed Rivals 
Metacritic - 84
VGC Score

Metacritic - 82
VGC Score - 

Call of Duty Ghosts 
Metacritic - 78
VGC Score - 

Killzone: Shadow Fall
Metacritic - 75
VGC Score - 

Metacritic - 67
VGC Score - 

Metacritic - 60
VGC Score

Overall Lineup
VGC Score - 

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I've played BF4, COD Ghosts, Killzone Shawdowfall and Need for Speed rivals all on PS4 at my friends house yesterday and after playing each game for about 2 hours... and there all great.

I feel scores are over-inflated nowadays, while most of these games are scoring 70-80, they deserve 60-70.

With that said, I voted decent. Sega Dreamcast, Gamecube, X-Box 1, and Wii had a better line-up. I think a good launch lineup needs at least 1 much have title, and PS4/XBO lack that. Dreamcast had Sonic Adventure, Cube had Pikmin/Luigi's Mansion, and Melee followed 2 weeks later, XB1 had Halo, PGR, and Dead or Alive 3, among others, and Wii had Zelda/Wii Sports

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Bad, only one game i care about. Playstation lineups are never good in my opinion, actually think they are the worst every time.

Sony Fan 85-100
Nintendo Fan 70-85
M$ Fan 0-70
Multi Console Fan = True Opinion

Thats how i see this thread going to end lol, honestly its a good launch. Too many shooters but since they are multiplat and one exclusive its fine. Knack is a smart move for the targeted audience.

Overall All launches lack that Spark AAA title but ps4 launch is amazing, even if software reviews dont show it

It is a decent line up. Probably the best that a sony console has ever had, honestly. Of course that isnt saying much. Launch lineups are generally pretty poor with the big hitters usually coming a year or so after launch. I dont know why i keep buying these sytems at launch, I keep telling myself not to, but then I go and do it anyway...

Bad except for Resogun. Honestly I want a PS4 for Resogun.

People aren't buying it for launch games though. You guys seen the lifespan of the PS3? Games are coming.

Killzone: 8/10
Resogun: 9/10
Knack: 7/10

I've beat both Knack and Killzone. Knack is too hard, otherwise it'd be an 8.

Launch lineups are never much good.

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Having been through several launches myself. I would say this is decent.