Vita hardware: decent. Software: FLOPPING. How much is digital?

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Seriously. The Vita sold 32k+ in Europe this week, beating the Wii, Wii U, DS, and Psp hardware.

Software in Europe, meanwhile, came in DEAD LAST at 54k. That's pretty upsurd. It makes me think about what percentage of gamers buy Vita games exclusively digitally. 

Personally, I have yet to buy 1 disk game for the Vita. I got the 32 gb (still OUTRAGEOUSLY priced) card and it's worked wonders, being able to fit a ton of games onto it.

Who here ONLY buys digital, ONLY buys physical, or buys both??? Just wondering what the general consensus here is. As long as the hardware sells, I'm pretty sure most people buy digital if the software sales are this low.

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I personally think that tracking software wise in Europe is off. From the Nintendo report that came out two weeks ago, we did see an increase of vita hardware and im sure the accompanying software is there since most titles are budget cost. But downloading does play a big part, the majority of titles i have are retail as, as you mentioned, memory card prices are still kinda high.

I'm 70/30 digital

ps3-sales! said:

Who here ONLY buys digital, ONLY buys physical, or buys both???

I choose option number 4:

I only play the games I get via PS+ or Crossbuy and some PS1-Classics (which I can play on my PS3 and the Vita). Little Big Planet Vita was included with the system, and is the only real Vita-only title I really own. So you could say that I'm buying physical only (but I don't plan to ever buy any physical game again for the Vita but perhaps one or two digital games if there is a nice sale).

Only retail Vita game I bought was Mortal Kombat. Everything else has been digital. I wouldn't be surprised to see a big increase in software if digital numbers were counted.

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I would have bought digital when I had my vita if the memory prices weren't so damn high


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I've been fully digital but I'm buying a physical copy of Tearaway.

having said that I've spent more money on ps1 and psp classics then I have on actual PSVita games. Hopefully the quality of Vita titles increase in 2014.

From everything I've heard, the Vita has an excellent attach rate, which would make the idea that Vita software is flopping pretty hard to believe.

I only have 2 games as retail: rayman origins and soul sacrifice. All others are digital.
My latest games are: KZ:merc, Muramasa and LBPvita. All digital

Most Vita releases are digital, especially in EU where a lot of US retail games are digital only.

But digital sales isn't to blame for everything, Vita just doesn't have many games worth buying. I've only bought 4 retail games in a year.