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So what happened to the crow eating thread of the past?

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grimygunz said:
IM tired about everyone just labling is a suda game. He didn't make the game by himself so dont plaster his name all over it like he made the game by himself in a gargage somewhere. Give credit to eveyone who made the game not just one devs face. Its similar to the crappy way people plastered jade raymon all over assassin creed, and she wasn't even a devloper just a producer.

Is the game a niche game? No there is nothing niche about the gameplay unless you wanna call all motion control wii games niche. it has great reviews and should be played by more people. Its just the way it is. some games even though good dont have the sales that they deserve.

Grasshopper Studios = Suda.

He's the head of Grasshopper. It's his studio.

If you'd perfer we could be saying "Hey Grasshopper games don't sell well."

But Suda is shorter.

Killer 7 was also made by Grasshopper... as were a number of games that never made it out of japan.

Considering the budgets they work with... it's about as "garage" as you can get. That's part of the "punk charm" though.

ClaudeLv250 said:

mrstickball said:
100k for a GTA knock-off is suddenly good?

Joke post of the day!

You might be giving Rol a run for his money.


Now that you mentioned... I'm waiting for a thread that quotes news article from kolaku.com about a Grasschopper developer blaming Wii Fit for lower than expected sales of No Mone Heroes. But what it comes to NMH sales in NA, they blew my expectations, after the japanese launch, away. And what is even better, is the steady sales it's had this far.

Ei Kiinasti.

Eikä Japanisti.

Vaan pannaan jalalla koreasti.


Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

No More Heroes is awesome.

Every gamer should buy it.

ClaudeLv250 said:
So what happened to the crow eating thread of the past?

 I do not know. I can not find the search thread button anymore.

Satan said:

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Somebody have seen any news with Suda commenting about NA sales of the game? I'm curious if he's happy about it :)

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Go NMH! I ca't wait to buy it in June for my b-day.

Marvelous expects selling 500K units of NMH... According to the publisher, they are satisfied with the current figures : 100K in USA, 40K in Japon and 160K pre-orders in Europe!

To compare, sales of Killer7 were : 100K in Europe, 100K in USA and 10K in Japan, yet, it was available on NGC and PS2, so, aimed about 100m consoles.

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why do great games dont sell well

hihihi said:
why do great games dont sell well

If they are grea, but short.... then people will likely wait for it to come out used. Personally, once I get a game I will typically hold onto it, even if it is not so great, but I do often wait a few months so I can pick up a used game.

Besides, this is off topic, as 500K is selling well for a budget (to produce) game.