what would you prefer AAA games or indie games?

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Both in truth. AAA's get boring without a little bit of variety. I mostly play AAA's then take a break and play a small game.

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Dungeon defenders was all me and my housemates played for a year. Incredible game. Enjoyed playing it with them more then i did Mass Effect 2 and whatever else AAA i played at the time. When I get a PS4 I'll play more Resogun until Infamous comes out in all honesty, will give Killzone and FIFA a good whirl but neither will get the play time of Resogun.

I don't think I'd really mind in all honesty, both would be great and I could easily live in a hypotehtical world without the other.

Lunch or dinner which one is better?

Now check this game out if you have time. I guess this is better than COD, it's not annual.

NO Luca No -Title.

Do you have fun playing a console different than mine?


Goatseye said:
Somini said:

You know what i mean. If you don't, you must've not tried great indie titles. GTA is one of the best AAA titles and gets a release once per 3 or 4 years.

There are a lot AAA titles coming out all the time and more than 95% of them fail to even get remembered 2 years later. So no, it's indie for me.

That sounds better. Nobody can't argue with that.

What gave me away? The title of the thread?

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I usually prefer AAA titles. But I like a lot of indie titles (Hotline Miami, Sine Mora, Ibb & Obb...) I prefer to have both avaiable, great AAA US$ 60 games and great indie US$ 10 games.

Of course indie titles doesn't have all depth, content and technical prowness of AAA titles for obvious reasons, but that won't stop some of them of having amazing histories and gameplay (Hotline Miami really impressed me in both of these areas). Of course, sometimes people wan't to give a free pass for indie games and try to pass the idea that all indie stuff is great. Some indie games are amazing, others are decent and the majority is pure crap, but that's the same with AAA titles.