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I made this "brilliant" graph in paint and posted it in reddits' r/gaming, but the mods over there think it's "not gaming related" -.-

Well I guess the mods over here won't delete it, so I'll post it here.

(Empirically proven by: Me )

Anyway discuss

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Yes I think this is the most accurate post about Next Gen !!

Very well done! Five stars for you and a cookie!

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you make the next gen's curve in same accentuation of the current gen's curve, I think it should be less but still surpassing the current gen in a right momentum



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This graph makes more sense than it should


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You sir, are awesome.

Can you make a graph about tits ? Somehow ? Tits vs something. That'd be great.

You should change that second graph. Current gen and next gen should be parallel to one another just different time based. Because doesn't matter if it's next gen or not, there are a lot of games better for past gens that are better than a lot of current gen games.

Your graph gives the assumption that next gen games are going to be hands down better than prior gen games the later in the gen you get.

I lol'd. In reality I don't think the next gen curve should be below the current gen one - given what I've read about BF4, FIFA 14, NBA 2K14 and AC4. They are a - somewhat small - improvement. Just gonna take a year until we really see the first games properly only developed on next gen hardware.

What exactly does the chart represent? If it represents game quality, I agree, early next-gen games are rarely as good as the better current gen games. If it represents game graphics, of course it's wrong, usually most next-gen launch games (though not all) have better graphics than even the best looking current-gen games.

Edit: Ok, I see it on the side now, game quality, so yes, I garee with the chart.