Sony May Gross About $100 Per Console, Teardown Shows

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Sony has already said they will be making a loss though?

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That's just for the parts...

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Shinobi-san said:
Sony has already said they will be making a loss though?

Yeah they have.  It is a small loss that will be made up from buying a game so not too bad.  Much better than the PS3 launch so that is a huge plus :D

I'll wait and see if ethomaz says bullshit or not.

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I doubt SONY is actually making money with hardware at launch. But maybe the loss is small and they can recoup the money with Software sales.

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So you're telling me the PS4 costs less than the WiiU to produce....

Doesn't include the retailer cut and I could bet it doesn't include the manufacturer cut either.

$23 for a 500GB is insanely low. Poor Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.

I don't believe it. They are most likely making loss or could be breaking even.


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I would expect the raw materials to come under $400, but when you throw in shipping, marketing, distribution, returns, retailer cut etc it probably comes out a small loss covered by game sales / PS+.

The days of a $200+ loss per console are definitely gone though, seems like all 3 consoles this gen are being sold and something close to an effective break even - or profit.

The key here and has always been with consoles "Accessories" :)

The console is making them a loss, I think I read $60 or so. You start adding in PSN, games and accessories and before you know it, the console is a profit.

Us first purchasers, don't generally buy just a console, 3/4 games, another controller, PSN... etc etc. It all adds up very quickly.

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