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That's what I'm talking about... first action with my PS4 will be change the HDD... so I need more comparisons.

SSHD seems the right choice for now... stay tunned.

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just a couple of seconds faster :P


Not really game changing... -__-

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Holy, 1 minute to load a level in AC4, next gen is here :/ It must be loading tons of small files if an SSD cuts the time more then in half. Bad optimization.

Some of those numbers are really weird, or IGN mixed them up.

Overall very little improvement considering the massive cost of a big SSD.

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Seems like a hybrid is a massive NOPE unless I can't into charts.

it doesn't say if they test with a 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm SSHD.


I would rather use a pure SSD since it's faster.

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