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Look at the sales of CoD: Ghosts for the PS3 and 360 in the USA this week. They top the chart at a combined 2.9ish million units. Not bad, right?


Last year, Black Ops 2 sold over three times as much its first week in America. The 360 version alone sold just under 6 million!

What happened? Did 8 million people get tired of Call of Duty all at once? Were the reviews that bad? Is everybody jumping onto the PS4 wagon? Is VGChartz jumping the shark?

I'm confused, and need an adult!

Love and tolerate.

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There myust be mislllions of peo[e wait ing for the mext gen versions!

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Not surprised, the hype has died. They killed it. Should stopped annual releases after Black Ops.

ps4 and xbox one hold outs. I can attest to that. I am a big cod fan and I was holding out but then I decided to not get a next gen console so I just got a current version. wait until after the xbox one launch and you will see the numbers sore. I was watching a ps4 launch event stream and most people lining up for a ps4 when asked what games they were getting they answered call of duty ghost.

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A lot of variables this year though. Transition year and I know plenty of people who are not buying any current gen games (including COD freaks) in order to buy next gen, and some are waiting for the "definitive experience" on next gen. Of course, that won' account for the shortfall and I'm not surprised. I dislike COD games from IW. The BO team is superior in my view.


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lets wait and see how many they sell on next gen consoles but i still think even with those numbers they are gonna sell less this time. they have to do something especial next year.

C0LINx said:
Not surprised, the hype has died. They killed it. Should stopped annual releases after Black Ops.

What bothers me is, like the fall of Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft to a lesser extent (other Activision Blizzard frnachises, come to think of it), Call of Duty doesn't seem to be getting replaced with other equivalent series. There was no big Halo release to divert attention this year and Battlefield 4 has been performing quite worse than 3 did two years ago. It's as if a bunch of people just decided to stop playing FPS's.

This would be great if that meant a diversification of the industry were the result, but so far, the only possible recipient of these sales seems to be GTA5. Unless Killzone: Shadowfall has a week 1 of about 2 million, I'm worried that the lack of Call of Duty will be a blow to our favorite medium.

Love and tolerate.

I think first month comparisons will be better, because of the weird circumstances. Though I still expect a huge drop. I think people were holding off for next console as well, that won't actually end up buying it.

I hesitate to call anything that sells that much and is going to make money a flop. I think expectations were lower for this as well.
However, underperforming I'd say for certain. But this is just semantics.

3 million first week in one region is considered a flop now? What does that say about every other game lol?

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Well here on vgchartz, don't we have both next gen versions combined preorders at around 1 million? I mean Blops 2 will probably still outsell ghosts, but i think the series will still go strong