Forums - Sony Discussion - Killzone SF Metacritic user score has now reached 7.9!! Resogun 8.5, BF4 is at 7.0 and COD Ghosts 2.7!! Breaking news!!

At last even the weighted Polygon low score could not prevent the truth to be shown:

KZSF is now officialy a good game by metacritic with a 75 weighted score (should have been maybe 78 without the weight on reviewers). It was about time, just reading the positive reviews here and at negaf and everywhere on the web. You are not allowed anymore to associate KZSF with the word 'flop'. Please could a mod change the awfull thread title with this combination of words? Thank you very much!


Please only gentlemen on my thread...

Update: The game is now down to 74. I will then humbly ask the mods to be generous into allowing me to slightly deviate this thread into a metacritic user score discussion of KZSF also possibly compared to Resogun, BF4 and COD. The 4 bigger games on PS4 at launch.

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Finally a 21st review.. lol its been at 20 forever. The new one is an 80 by Gameinformer.

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Ha.. i won my bet, but i wasnt around to gloat because im on a better forum!  See ya guys on Viz

IKR. what's up with the reviews appearing ever so slowly for the ps4. Killzone and Call of Duty are the only 2 games which has more than 20 reviews.

Hopefully we'll see more reviews too which will pull it closer to an 80... lol :P

But it's great that it's in the green now :)

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I thought anything above 60 was considered "good".

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Finally I can play the game.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Nintendo still has the highest Score of Next gen this holiday and Overall In GEN 8 :P

irrelevant *evil laugh ....... *runs away

Now For knack to hit a 60

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YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I'm definitely buying it now.


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tbone51 said:
Nintendo still has the highest Score of Next gen this holiday and Overall In GEN 8 :P

irrelevant *evil laugh ....... *runs away

Now For knack to hit a 60


Forgetting Perssonna 4?

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