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Turkish said:
yvanjean said:

Have you guys seen Pete Parsons at Sony's PS4 Launch event last night. What the hell happen to Bungie, they must of had a serious fall out with Microsoft. It was sickening watching Pete sucking up to Sony.

These guys are the creator and developer of Microsoft Xbox's most beloved franchise "Halo". Destiny looked like shit but still Bungie is now a firm supporter of Sony PS4 and is more then just a cross platform developer. They might as well sign exclusivity with Sony.



You mad? How does it feel to lose Bungie? Thats how Apple felt losing them way before Halo was on the xbox, when it was being made for the Mac. If only MS cared about Bungie and let them do what they want maybe Bungie wouldnt have left.

I guess not mad Microsoft F-ed up, but Bungie is Halo and Halo is Microsoft. It's like seeing Sega produce title for Nintendo all over again.

I knew that Bungie became an independent studio but now they're a marketing partner with Sony pushing the PS4 brand. It's quite a 360 turn of event :P

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

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Angelv577 said:
well, you have to do something to attract ps only owner as they already have xbox crowd. At the end of the day, this is the best way in order to obtain maximum benefit from both crowd in my opinion.

I agree with this but if you are an X1 owner and love bungie, it does seem like they are givng you the cold sholder.  In the end we know these are all deals done behind teh scene and I am sure this is not free.  Its a good move for Sony to drop a few dimes to get the beta first just in case destiny becomes a huge hit like Halo.

So far Destiny looks like the really big next gen game that will probably bomb to me.
Anyway, the reason Bungie is in love with Sony now is money. Sony paid them well to secure some kind of exclusive content.

Same reason EA is in bed with MS now, even though they supported Sony with the PS3.

Money rulez!

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I think Bungie's relationship with MS soured and I think Bungie enjoys twisting the knife a bit.

Kinda like a girl who makes sure to flirt/dance/make out with other guys at a party where she knows her ex-boyfriend is going be around. 

Everyone is sucking up to Sony now. Even me, David Cage.

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Somini said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
someone seem rather upset, i feed on your tears son.

This, what you mean?

lol posted that image days ago to another guy who seemed buthurt xD



Destiny trailer last night seem less like the MMO shooter that was announce at E3 and more like a Co-op multiplayer shooters that doesn't have a single player campaign. Like a online co-op Fallout 3?

Bungie is definitely giving Xbox fan the cold shoulder.

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Destiny reminds me of Borderlands.

Money, money, money!
Its not like they are making an exclusive for sony.
Bungie released a game for ps2.

Unlike Insomniac...they were a playstation developer for 19 years.

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