Forums - Gaming Discussion - How Many Games Did You Buy This Past Gen? Can You Beat Me?

360 - 67

PS3 - 61

Wii - 22

DS - 28

PSP - 17

Total - 195

All physical games, no cheap downloadable titles.  So can anyone beat that?

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Can't beat you. I'm only around 150 physical games.



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LOL! No way I come even close to that!! I'll probably NEVER buy that many games in a single gen...

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This gen has my largest games collection yet, topping my 4th gen collection. I have about 25 7th gen games. I'm poor :(

I find your DS collection to be... lacking. Less than 30 is unacceptable. Heck, less than 40 is also meh.

Everything else seems about right.

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I use game collector to keep track.

Wii - 116

PS3 - 75 (min haven't added all yet to game list)

360 - 47 (min haven't added all yet to game list)

DS - 17 (min haven't added all yet to game list)



More than 100 on DS alone (and I also own games for: PC, Wii, PS3, X360, PSP).

EDIT: 213 according to my profile (excl. downloads and PC games I bought during that time).

Nah. I bought, I dunno............roughly 30 or so games for my Wii, not all of them I kept. I keep the ones that I really like and that I think I'll want to play again someday. I only bought around 5-6 DS games, I just don't play portable that much. And I bought probably 6-7 PS3 games. I originally bought Virtua Fighter 5 and Ridge Racer 7 when I first got mine (which was still overpriced at the time, $400). But VF5 just didn't have enough different from 4 to justify keeping it, and RR7 honestly kind of sucked.

I also pre-ordered Tekken 6 and was hella excited for it, then it came out, and I was so bitterly disappointed at how lackluster a title it was, that it became one of only two games I've ever traded back in within less than a week of getting it. I traded it in towards credit on NSMBWii, which was a great decision. Come to think of it, I also bought Soul Caliber 4 right after getting the PS3, but it was also very "meh", and the inclusion of Star Wars characters with light sabers was ridiculous. Fuckin' Namco............

I think you may have more physical games this gen than i do in my entire videogame collection lol.

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Not even close! Although I have other expencive hobbies as well (I play in a band) so spending so much on games would hurt that. Also, I don't need that many games. :D