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How much will it sell!???

20million! 32 16.67%
As much as ps4 lol thats ... 21 10.94%
10million! 100 52.08%
Above 10 million! 39 20.31%

A reasoned forum on the matter of Uncharted 4 sales and their potential.

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Its going to more than triple its best selling game in the series? Kinda of a stretch no?

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Calm your tits. It'll probably do a little over 5 million lifetime. No as big a game as the 3rd party multi plats. 

the entire uncharted franchise is under 20 mil sold. No where near 20


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I would guess 4 mil......maybe.

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They didn't announce the subtitle.

...because it will not be Drake!


just the fact that its naughtydog who cares lol itll sell alot!

Its going to sell around 3 million or maybe up to 4 million LTD.

KylieDog said:
They didn't announce the subtitle.

...because it will not be Drake!

Yes it will. Francis. Francis Drake.

Mark my word. =P

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The PS4 is winning some Xbox fans so that might boost some sales of fans who are interested in shooters. If the majority of previous Uncharted fans pick up the game, I think it'll atleast get 5 million, but with the additional fans I think Uncharted will get between 7 and 8 milllion.