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Firefox. Chrome just doesn't have as good addons.

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Internet Explorer for Work, Chrome for Spare Time, Firefox very rare
WiiU and 3DS for quick searches, when I don't won't to power on the PC

Chrome at home.

Firefox at work.

Safari and Opera on iPhone/iPad

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Opera on desktop, Opera on mobile.

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Firefox, and I wouldn't change to anything else on the market I think. Chrome used to be pretty good but I hear it's not so great with the recent updates, and I don't trust Chrome thanks to Google. IE is a joke, and the rest don't seem all that good.

attaboy said:

Future Thread ideas:

"Do these pants make my ass look big?"

It's not the pants fault.

"Have you ever fantasized about your mother?"


"What's your social security number and date of birth?"

I don't know and tomorrow is my birthday so...

"Where did you hide the bodies?"

I left no bodies to hide.

"Which God is the one true God?"

"Does this milk smell sour to you?"

*smells* . Nope, it's perfectly fine .


Anyway, I use Firefox for browsin' and Chrome for jerkin'.  Wii U's browser gets its fair share, too.


OT: Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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Desktop PC1: Chrome, Firefox
Desktop PC2: Firefox on XP and Firefox on Ubuntu.
Mobile: Skyfire, Dolphin, Chrome
Tablet: UC Browser, Dolphin.

Firefox, Iron ( iron = chrome without google spy software) and WiiU browser.

Firefox, Chrome as a backup (probably only gets used about 1% of the time)