Forums - Gaming Discussion - do you think xone would outsale wii u this holiday?(post your opinion)

go on post your opinion about it.

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Probably... As with any console launches, there is this giant slew of people buying the console so if you mean the xbox one will outsell the wiiU counting the sales ONLY from November 22nd to january 1... then yea... but if your saying xbox one vs total sales of wiiU from launch to Jan 1st, then hell no


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No doubt in my mind.

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"There is absolutely no connection between shipments and sales." black8jac

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I can tell just from the pre-orders

Xbox One Gamerscore League Centurion.

"There is absolutely no connection between shipments and sales." black8jac


Pretty easily.

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It will beat the Wii U's launch sales (2.2m) for sure, doubt it'll top the Wii U's current sales (3.8m) in just it's launch season, but I suspect that it'll pass the Wii U by the end of 2014 unless the Wii U's sales perk up in a big way very soon. Why? Because the One is tracking ahead of the 360 in preorders and has at least 2 system sellers coming next year (Halo and Titanfall), while the Wii U's current 3.8m is behind the 360 in the same time period (the 360 sold 7.9m by the end of 2006, meaning that the Wii U needs to sell another 4.1m units by the end of December in order to catch the 360) and the Wii U only has one confirmed system seller releasing next year (Super Smash Bros.).

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It would mean they would have to sell more than 4 million just to catch up to now, right?

It really just depends how they made. I think they will sell most of what they make. I think it will be close, but to pull off 5 or 6 million by the end of the year is a little more optimistic than I am willing to go.

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