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2014 belongs to the

PS4 154 42.31%
X1 45 12.36%
Wii U 135 37.09%
See results 30 8.24%

Note I will update if any new 2014 games get announced at Sony's event tom.  What is your favorite game on the list?  I have to go with X.

Edit: added Deep Down, Uncharted PS4, Kincet Sports Rivals and Fable Legends.



inFamous Second Son

The Order 1886

Deep Down (maybe)

Uncharted PS4 (maybe)

Lily Bergamo

Rime (you can decide if its a heavy hitter or not)


Halo 5

Quantum Break

Sunset Overdrive

Kinect Sports Rivals

Fable Legends (maybe)

Wii U:

Super Smash Bros

Mario Kart 8


Bayonetta 2

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

Yoshi Yarn (maybe)

SMT x FE (maybe)

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If I have to pick each one, I'll go with InFAMOUS: Second Sons, Quantum Break and Smash Bros WiiU.

I'm thinking that SMTxFE and X will be delayed until 2015.

I've read Adolf Hitler instead of All Heavy Hitter. That is weird lol

Indeed. It makes you wonder that the PS4 and Xbox1 really should have came out next year, but them holiday sales.

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Well ... everything from Nintendo, inFAMOUS and The Order. DC I need to see more from before I'm truly enthusiastic about it. I'll likely get it anyway.


When you consider exclusives, to me the Wii U is ahead, but when you factor in third party games that won't be on the Wii U,  the PS4 is the obvious winner for me.


Playstation = The Beast from the East

Sony + Nintendo = WIN! PS3 + PSV + PS4 + Wii U + 3DS

Gonna be a great year for everyone. X for me!

Nintendo is going to kill it this year... They still have unannounced titles including a brand new IP that they have yet to share... 2014 is going to bring big, big things for Nintendo and Wii U.

Wii U shall RISE!!!

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