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Day one purchase!

  Tifa got MOVES!

I wanna see the neon power already, I expect them to show it on the 14th or 15th, whenever the event is.

I hope they fix some of the pop-up issues that are present in the videos released so far. Otherwise the game just looks beautiful.

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Can't wait for it.... Ps4 will need these type of games to sustain momentum and compete with titanfall.

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I did not know this was going to have destructable environments. That's not even a selling feature to me, but GOD IT LOOKS SO GOOD!

Screw Ryse, TitanFall, Killzone, Knack, DriveClub, Forza, and all that crap, inFamous is where it's at! inFamous is the game I want and need NOW! inFamous is why I';m hoppng on next gen so soon!

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I truly do love them all, but that doesn't mean they are without flaws.  I see the good and bad in all, and while I certainly do have a favorite, that doesn't mean I don't love them all.  I criticize becuase I Care. 

Looks really good! Really liking the abilities.

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I cannot wait for this game. Even if no other games come out for PS4 next year inFAMOUS SS and Destiny would keep me happy.





-CraZed- said:
I cannot wait for this game. Even if no other games come out for PS4 next year inFAMOUS SS and Destiny would keep me happy.

but they are coming! next year will be awesome! The Order, infamous, watch dogs, Destiny, TitanFall, DriveClub and soooooo many much. ill be playing so many games next year. 

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fuck, hype meter increased ten fold