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Launch trailer:


5 minute video of the  tech:




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Holy fucking shit



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Looks good, damn some of you will be able to play this in just 3 days....

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

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existenz2 said:

Launch trailer:


5 minute video of the  tech:




So impressive, especially the TECH one!!

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There are no words adequate to express how awesome those videos are.

and, ladies and gentleman




my imagination just went into another level here.


This is quite impressive for a $400 platform. If it never dips below 30fps i'll be really impressed. Unfortunately my KZ bundle won't be shipped until the end of December due to how popular the PS4 is over here. My XBOne should tide me over until then.

Wauuw.. :)

Just a fan of great games..

Sitting on my shelf, waiting for a machine to play it on. *sigh*

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