Forums - Gaming Discussion - How come devs aren't gimping the PS4 multiplats to meet parity with Xbone?

A few months ago before the recent influx of information about state of launch titles on the two platforms, there were arguments stating that even if the PS4 is more powerul than the Xbone, devs will just gimp the PS4 titles to make them the same as the Xbone versions so as not to anger MS or Xbone owners. But everyone was taken by storm when multiplats, especially COD, which is known to be more Xbox oriented, was running at 1080p on PS4 compared to 720p on Xbone.

The question is, why did developers and publishers decide to go all out and make the PS4 versions so much better? Did MS not pay them enough? Are they expecting the PS4 to sell THAT much better that they just decided to hold nothing back and let there be a huge disparity?

Personally, I frikin love this. Since I'm getting the PS4, I don't want devs to hold their games back because of a weaker competing console. But I was somewhat concerned that devs would choose to have parity because of not wanting to anger MS. But that doesn't seem to be the case. What are your thoughts?



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Why would any dev purposely hold their game back?

because the conspiracy theory thrown around last gen that Microsoft forced devs to gimp mutliplats for the xbox 360 wasn't true?

Cause third parties go where the money is... The money WAS on the Xbox 1 considering the success of the Xbox 360 but after the X1 was announced and people went to the side of Playstation, third parties basically wanted to be on that boat cause anyone not support the ps4 is basically deemed an enemy of gaming with a shit ton of dislikes on virtually every positive articles about the X1 on many websites

Also there is really no reason why it should be gimped on the ps4... It runs on the same architecture with better hardware and nothing like the Kinect using extra resources


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gimping? no no, that is exclusive to Wii U

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This is actually an excellent point as many journalists said that video game designers will make their games for the least common denominator. This is obviously not true. Video game "journalists...."

cbarroso09 said:
gimping? no no, that is exclusive to Wii U




Killzone, COD, and B4 are all competing for the same market. If the devs don't make the PS4 versions as good as possible, they lose sales to the games that do. Killzone is obviously going to push it, so COD and B4 need to as well. It's pretty straight forward.

Who says the aren't? I hear Battlefield on PS4 was supposed to run at 2160p and 240fps,

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They only did it last gen because MS had a early console lead so got to dictate to them because they were where the most money was.  Bad move, as shown with Nintendo in the 90s, when you try and enforce strict rules on devs and publishers and lose the leadership in a new gen, they all jump ship.  Nintendo did it for two gens straight and still have not recovered third party support.