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Since being on this website I have called the forums venemous, petty, and abnoxious to name a few.  Yes I have placed most of the blame on Sony fans for this as well.  Im sure that probably offends some of you guys and that is ok. However don't misunderstand me, there is venemous members from every corner and as much as I want to call you guys out for it I will be banned and this thread will be locked.  At the rate things are going it wouldnt be doubtful if i made a thread like this in the future. But for the moment you do know who I am at least referring to.  Yes Xbox fans Im talking to you as well.

So the console wars are abnoxious for starters.  It has become completely unbearable on forums when a big portion of the conversations are petty argueing over who has the best plactic box( I know youve heard this from me like 100 times) but my question is why the need to convince each other who has the better box?  I Know as you read this some people are going to prob post some shit about me in specific(Especially a user that hates meta threads or whatever the hell he wants to call them) in the comments below as I usually do know how these threads will turn out, but i really want to understand what the issue is with everybody.  

What generally seems to happen is you have a hardcore fan of Company A attacks Company B.  Then User of Company B gets annoyed and says "Two can play that game" and then attacks back.  This pops up a continuous amount of threads just to post negativity about one another.   In return it only leaves a venomous and obnoxious community.

Do you guys not realize how abnoxious you sound at times?  And what is the point of putting each other's opinions down?  Does it make you feel better about the product you bought?  

Let me ask Vita fans something now.  Do you like the Vita?  If you say yes then you should understand that things revolve around personal opinions and all the shit talking it takes wont deflect your opinion.

You see, just because you dont like something doesnt mean youre going to change someone elses mind.  They already made up their mind.  Take Anime for example.  I know a lot of you like that and as many people make fun of it you guys watch it any ways.  Let's take XBO for example now.  As much shit as it has taken on forums since its announcement (Some deserved) do you think all that shit talking changed the people's minds that you were arguing with?  They had already made their decision so why mock them for it?

What I am getting at is I believe all this stems from an eye for an eye.  You attack me and ill attack back.  So I ask you guys can we end the console wars now?  It does nothing but make you guys look abnoxios.  It is ok to enjoy your favorite products being successful or more successful than the competition.  But it is completely disrespectul mocking each others opinions and decisions in life.

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo has all made enticing consoles both in the present and past.  This is why people argue for them, not because they are horrible consoles, but because people enjoy them.  So let them enjoy them and dont attack their opinions.  Even this attitude people have about who sells the most has the best console is wrong.  Best is determined by yourself and only you.  Otherwise you would be saying Call of Duty is the best game of the generation and i know you guys dont want to say that.

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Good post and we all probably falls into fanboy behavior from time to time. This fall I just bought my first playstation consoles (vita, ps1 and ps2) and, although I will probably will remain in MS/Sega corner for the rest of my life, these are really awesome consoles! Sony does it for the gamers and has really shown their commitment since they first entered the industry. All the console manufacturers bring their own style to the industry so we should all just enjoy it.

Ah yes, the "if you can't win, settle for a draw" attitude.

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I don't think I'd visit VGC if it wasn't for the arguments. Most positive threads are simply not big enough to be interesting. Compared to NeoGAF's |OT|'s, where you pretty much have at least ~20 active (as in, ready to post) users at any given time and thousands of posts per thread - which allows for really nice discussions in even a short amount of time - VGC is pretty disappointing. We have a few big threads which are far too broad to discuss a certain game, but that's not the same ;/

We can't all unite in our love of games and celebrate our diversity of opinion until those damn Sony fans get off the website.

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I'll say that I don't disagree with all your points. But this really isn't new. Fans of sports teams have been arguing about which team is better since early last century. Movie fans have arguments about films. Hip-hop heads take sides in rap beefs. People still argue about macs vs pc. It's not very surprising that console fans have arguments about consoles. It's sad to see people defending corporations, some going as far to say they'd never buy a console made by the competitor. But it's not really a new phenomenon.

Also putting most of the blame on Sony fans isn't fair to them at all. They are the biggest demographic on the site. Microsoft and even Nintendo fans (even though they claim to be seperate from the conole war) are just as guilty, but not as noticeable.

Also about this line:  "So I ask you guys can we end the console wars now?" Right after saying: "You see, just because you dont like something doesnt mean youre going to change someone elses mind.  They already made up their mind."

Just because you don't like taking part in console wars doesn't mean you're going to change someone elses mind about it.

I said before its perfectly normal for people to feel strongly about their decisions. Its actually a good sign cause its an expected psychological behaviour.
What isnt fine is the reactions to when someone disagrees. I dont think this is just on the console wars but just about any argument. Posters on this forum seem to get agressive or defensive really fast. This leads to things that perhaps were just heated debates to escalating into flame wars really fast.

I also think that when people here point out that the Sony fans are the problem, they are beeing part of the problem aswell. You are already starting to escalate things by openly coming out to call them out (its also a gross generalisation), but not beeing ready to take the heat that is gonna sparkle.
If you want a peaceful debate, dont antagonise people before you even started talking and dont insult them after you started for having a different opinion.

I also find that these heated debates have been generating something wich i find more dangerous, wich are bating or loaded threads. This leads to things escalating in an ugly way and its not good for anyone or the website.

I don't think I've ever seen the word "abnoxious" (sic) so many times in one post ever before in my entire life.

You're telling people not to argue on the internet?

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Maybe if there were a ginger cow, all of this fighting would come to an end.