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Shinobi-san said:
Can the mods please lock duplicate threads? This is the third thread on the same thing.

It's three times more important than other news.

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Do people overreact about everything MS does now?

ps3-sales! said:
yvanjean said:
Did Microsoft even put up the video? these threads are annoying ... most game play footage are from PC anyways. Unless the video claim real Xbox One game play footage then it doesn't really matter.

It was posted by the offical Xbox youtube channel....

ahh ok ... another fail for the marketing department. Then again the marketing department get paid more for their looks then they do for their brains. 

Hence, why I wait to read the previews before buying any game. 

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I wish I didn't have to post "locking" in threads I'm about to lock.

But I do.


iceland said:
Do people overreact about everything MS does now?

We're eagerly waiting for them to do something right. I never own a sony console been supporting both Nintendo and Microsoft. But so far Nintendo as been doing same old Nintendo thing with WiiU, and Xbox One have stumble every time they realease any news information about the Xbox one.

* System is less powerful then PS4 but will cost you more money.
* Most of the launch game are 720P, while the general opinion is that all next gen should be 1080P.
* DRM fiasco.
* No headset in original bundle of Xbox One.
* PS4 as learn it's lesson with Ps3 and won't release a system at more then $399.99; Microsoft is about do just that.
* So much focus about Kinect 2.0, yet there doesn't seem to be any killer apps to show it off.

I've cancel my Day one Console pre-order back in september and will now use the wait and see approach. I think Microsoft should back track and lower the price of the Xbox One. They're probably just hoping that PS4 as inventory shortage that they can capitalized on eager customer. But sadly, I think customer are willing to wait before upgrading to next gen, Nintendo WiiU learn the hardway.

If by March 2014, PS4 out numbers the Xbox One by a count of 2 to 1.... I'll probably be picking up a PS4 as my next gen console to complement my WiiU.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA