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My fellow Microsoft gamers, I come in peace :) I would like to know everyones opinion of Ryse Son of rome and do you think it would be a good Launch title to pickup? also is Titan fall strickly MP and online only?



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I like Ryse more everytime I see it. Hopefully it will have a good engaging story. I'm definitely picking it up at launch, and it's probably gonna be the first game I play. (Although the Forza launch trailer had me SERIOUSLY hyped to play that as well)

Titanfall as far as I'm aware is MP only, though there is some sort of story built into each map. Think Brink, except hopefully not shitty. I don't know if there is local MP, but I hope so.

It's the one I'm most interested in playing. Like a hybrid between God of War and Assassin's Creed. You get a 3rd person perspective with some cinematic history. I think it could be a really fun game. It's a gosh darn bloody game, but I can deal.

Did you watch the first episode today of the back-story short on Machinema?



Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

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Launch line-up seems almost too good to be true. I'm personnally just waiting for reviews to confirm which of these I should be getting :

Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct

Ryse: Son of Rome (I have high hopes for it despite all the early hate - not only it looks amazing but the MP should result in being instense glory)


FYI - Crimson Dragon is a default day 1

Forza is a must but since the racing genre evolves slower than others i ll pick it up at spring

I am super excited for it and have been since the reveal. It is actually my most anticipated game right now. More so for the story than anything :)

However I expect it to get high 70s or low 80s metacritic.  I may be excited but im still realistic.  

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Ryse didn't interest me at E3 because it didn't show real gameplay but the latest videos showed impressive graphics, the web-trailer looked awesome and generally the game shows that even if with specs Xbone is worse than PS4 Xbone is still able to deliver some very good graphics.

Of all the launch titles on both XB1 and PS4, Ryse is the one that interests me most.Visually its a beast, and Im really hoping the gameplay is at least decent.

Ryse looks very good but I am still waiting to see more from the game. Titanfall will be online only but there will be still be story missions.

Ryse, Killer Instinct and Forza at launch for me while waiting for Titanfall in March. That's awesome

It looks very good graphic wise. Amazing to say the least! I just can't wait to hear more about the gameplay from reviews and from gamers after they get theirs hands on it. I am interested in it and I hope ti does well and plays just as good as it looks!

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The graphics are lush i find it hard to believe they could mess up a story about rome .shame the multiplayer isnt 4v4 in the arena though