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Update: Game has been revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for phone.................................................................................... *infinite sadness*

"Japanese developer Cygames opened a teaser site with a count down for something named “Project Blue” (most probably not the final title), described in the accompanying press release as a “blockbuster RPG.”

The title will be unveiled in a conference in Tokyo on November the 8th at 6 PM Japan Time, and said presentation will be livestreamed on Nico Nico at this link. You can use this time zone converter to find the corresponding time in your area.

What’s even more interesting is that the press release mentioned a “star spangled production team”, and in fact the sound track of the game will be composed by the massively popular Nobuo Uematsu, while the character design will be handled by Hideo Minaba, that worked as the Art Director on Final Fantasy VI, Tactics, IX and XII.

We still don’t know anything else about the game, including the platforms, but Cygames is normally known as a mobile developer and publisher. Yet that doesn’t mean this “blockbuster” game couldn’t mark their debut on consoles. We’ll have to wait about 70 hours to know."


Ok so let me point out a few things....

-CyGames: a Japanese Developer that has previously mostly been relegated to Cellphone games (so quell your hype)

-Nobuo, we know is is great. Not sure if he has ever put his name to a project that wasn't "Grand" in some way.

-Minaba is a great artist telling from his previous work.

-Speaks of a AAA quality title, so leaning towards not a smartphone game. Next Gen Console releases?

-Days before PS4 Luanch. Sony has proven to do this kind of thing before a big show. Before every Big Publisized showing (IE: E3, VGAs, TGS, etc) Sony builds hype on the days following into it by announcing/revealing stuff. We already know there is a Spike 11/14 Show. This just seems a bit too good to be a coincedence. 

Thoughts? Discuss...


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Its a phone game

it'll be a mobile game. imo. It's made by Cygames. Which if I was betting, I'd put them on staying mobile.

I'll gladly eat crow if I'm wrong. But with the way Japan's Mobile Market is. From a business perspective it's a huge risk for Cygames to deviate particularly to a home console with no install base, and increased development costs. However adding Nobou Uematsu's name to a mobile JRPG is a good way to attract attention.

Please don't be for iOS/Smartphones, please don't be for iOS/Smartphones, please don't be for iOS/Smartphones

But will probably be for iOS/Smartphones

Exciting unless mobile or handheld.

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It'd be glorious if it was a handheld game.

But its a phone game.

You guys get to play your kickstarter Ps4 game rEborn

Sure, on paper this seems like a dream come true.. but I'm expecting a phone game -_-

My reaction if this game is only for Mobile Phones.

It will be a WIi U exclusive


just for lols

Click HERE and be happy 

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EricFabian said:

It will be a WIi U exclusive


just for lols

Time to fup