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Don't forget, it starts today. I haven't checked but I'm sure it'll be on the dash but here is the YT link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxDtKNN0Wtc&list=PLZLTS4u9M_2o2MLfyHVwhoYP7FH3ZPSup&index=1


Will post my impressions in 5 mins. after I watch.


Ok so that was pretty lame, not the quality, just that it was so short :( Talk about a tease. Well, it looks awefully nice and the audio is on point too. Marius doesn't really look like the character that we've seen from the game but I don't really care, just an observation. Barbarians, yes, give me more. Man history is brutal.


Anyone know how many episodes we'll be getting?

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

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lol@ the comments from PS fanboys turning the live action Youtube video into resolution wars. smh

On topic, great vids, I'm a big fan of Spartacus TV show and it I dig this one. Thanks for posting.

I liked it! Very short, not much to say. Game Marius > Live Action Marius :P


Just watched it... it's short, very short and I don't think it'll top Foward Unto Dawn but will be interresting regardless.

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Oh well, my fault that I was suspecting a Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn in Ryse style :D

Oh man that was short! I liked it though, will be interesting to see how good an actor the Marius-guy is.

It was good, but a tad bit short. Hopefully the next episodes will be a little longer.

i think theres a ep every week up unitl launch

That was pretty good, a lot better production values than I was expecting. I really do enjoy these live action videos for games.