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Actually not that bad :P, Atlus games are on sale on PSN and Steam almost immediately after Sega Sammy steps in


So you found out about SEGA acquiring Atlus and want to try a few of their games to see what they are all about? Don’t worry, they are having a sale on some of their games over on PSN and Steam.



The sale ends tomorrow on PSN and on the 5th on Steam. So go and get what you want before that. I recommend Persona 4 Golden!

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Atlus games are always on sale. Sega or not. Not much of a sale for any of these anyways.

Game of Thrones along with several other games was $1 on the Humble Weekly Bundle two weeks ago. Demon's Souls has been $20 for how long, not to mention how it was free on PS+ several months ago. Persona 4 The Golden is $25 at retail, Persona 4 Arena which is $20 on PSN right now has been $20 at certain retail outlets for awhile now. The other games are probably way overpriced, even on sale.

Other Atlus sales have been a lot better.

Hopefully they make nintendo exclusives with atlus

No sale in Europe. Sony is horrible to us.

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