Super Mario 3D World! Who's Going to be Your Playable Character?

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Who are you Playing?

Mario 48 41.38%
Luigi 29 25.00%
Peach 19 16.38%
Toad 20 17.24%



What Character Are you going to be Playing? All I know is Mario is still number 1 for me !

How excited are you for the game?!

⇒Mario~ All Around 

⇒Luigi~ Highest Jumper/Slippery

⇒Peach~ Slowest/Hover Ability

⇒Toad~ Fastest/Worst Jumper

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Luigi all the way for me :)

Mario ,my brother is going to use Toad and my friend will use Peach. Top tier team.

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I was always Peach in Super Mario Bros. 2, so I see no reason to change tradition now.

Plus, I always go far ahead of my friends in co-op games, so being slower might be a good thing for me. :P

I'll choose Mario first, just as I did when I first played Super Mario Bros 2 (doki doki) but of course I'll check them all out.

And I'm ecstatic for the game.

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Mario cause Luigi is a bit too floaty in my opinion... His stops aren't accurate enough, but maybe peach as well just cause she can do that air thing


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Mario for life!

I'll play with all of them, but Mario will be my main character.

Really can't wait for the game to come out. The more I see of it, the more I'm hyped!

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I played Toad in SMB2 so I'll stick with him in 3D World.

.....Bowser :T

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Luigi and Peach.

Luigi because I always liked his character and he can jump high and Peach because she can float like a boss.

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