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God of War finalist?

God of War 3 113 94.17%
God of War: Ascension 7 5.83%

So I wanted to make a thread with a poll for best PS3 exclusive since its time at the forefront is almost over.  However I found there were too many choices.  So I decided on some preliminary rounds in which the fans could narrow their favorite franchises down to one candidate to enter the finals.

This one I've gotta go with GoW3.  I mean every boss was just EPIC.  It truly showed PS3's power and showed SSM's prowess.  It was everything I could ever have asked for and I was asking for A LOT after GoW2's ending.

EDIT: The preliminary rounds will close at 4pm EST tomorrow.

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Yes, i found GOW 3 better than Ascension cause of the epic boss battles and great cinematics even though i thought ascension's combat was better and had a unique and very fun multiplayer.


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I cant vote on this because I didnt play Ascension yet

That's an easy one. Even though I enjoyed Ascension and found it pretty good with really great graphics, the story wasn't as strong as it was in GOW 3 and the changes in gameplay weren't that good. It also had less epic moments but that was to be expected.

I'm a bit late to the God of War franchise, I admit. I played the collection a bit just before the release of GOW3, and couldn't get into it. GOW3 was absolutely phenomenal, however. While that is my vote for the best, I have since went back and completed the first two original games. GOW2 comes VERY close. Such a great game...

Asension was a huge disappointment in my opinion.

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GOW3 for me. Ascension looks and plays better, but 3 was a lot more memorable.

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GoW 3, Ascension was good but lacked that "EPICNESS" that God of War has established in the franchise.

I took Gow: Ascension because I know everybody takes Number 3 :D

the singleplayer in GOW3 is unmatched but the Multiplayer is so good in Ascension!

Very close for me, overall GoW 3 was better even if only because of killing the most famous Gods of mount Olympus. But I vouted for Ascension cause I'm hipster

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just make the competition in to one big thread instead of individual. Less clutter that way. And GoWII is better than Ascension imo, though im not much of a fan of GoW in general myself.