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There’s a sizable chunk of folks out there who aren’t big fans of what second screen apps have been up to, but it could be that Blue Castle, developers of Dead Rising 3, have figured it out. If you use the SmartGlass app in conjunction with their Xbox One launch game, a character will call your phone.


“But of course it wouldn’t be a phone unless players could have the experience of having the phone, or tablet, call them up!” Blue Castle designer Brent Arnst wrote in a Gamasutra blog. “That meant we needed a living, breathing character that could phone or text the player at any time to offer advice, new missions or tempting prizes.

“The unique character who phones you comes with his own background and that he is injecting his own motivation and interests into the experience. This character comes with missions that you can only access by receiving calls or texts on your smart device.”

It’s unlikely that these missions will be particularly substantial, but I should think making it so a character in game can call you would be worth it on its own. I hope whoever it is doesn’t end up dying in the game.


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Sounds cool

Interesting. Features like these really help define next gen. We always new graphics would get better.

Oh man,this can be so cool. Imagine the ways you could have used this in horror games, shooters, GTA! :)

I hated that in GT 4 Roman would constantly call my in game cellphone.

I would hate it even more if they texted my actual phone.

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