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So he likes this place and comes here and looks at the numbers, he notes that numbers change a lot.


(I wish links to rom sites were removed from the software pages...)


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we are doomed.

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Vgchartz will flop

Click HERE and be happy 

Ha lol just saw this a few mins before you posted - was shocked.


He spends quite some time explaining VGChartz. I must say i agree with what he said!!

According to a new study; YouTube,, NeoGaf, N4G, VGChartz, IGN, GameSpot, GameStop, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, All of Europe, FAMITSU, Japan, the rest of Asia and The whole of the Middle East among countless others are experiencing a Tsunami of people in love with Sony's gamings offerings.

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I guess that's that then. It was nice knowing you, VGC.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

He doesnt really sound like he likes vgchartz. But then again who is  i Never heard of him., i only listened to rogers even  though i didnt believe him when he said this year will be bad.

Anyway the vgchartz connections to retailers and to japan really make vgchartz interesting, now i want to be connected as well lol

thanks for posting, that was an enjoyable show. Didnt say anything much about vgchartz that we didnt already know. (great jobs guys, one day you will be allowed to be referred to from NeoGaf..)

I hope he checks the forums.

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By the were the way there is a funny video about Soros on Youtube.

When chinese asked him about Jim Rogers and he gets all angry and says he worked for me. I was his boss