Do you cover your Game Pad screen with anything?

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Or the Game Pad itself for that matter? I bought a Wii U today and I'm a little worried since I couldn't find any screen protectors and I was in a rush because I found a pretty sweet deal for the console and all I could think about was running to the cashier.

I'm thinking about just putting a plastic on the screen while I found a proper replacement since I have a group of my cousins over and we're all so excited about it, and I don't want any damage on this beautiful sexy screen.

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Saliva. The occasional splotch of ketchup. My screen has been unprotected since launch and hasn't got a single scratch that I'm aware of. They tried to sell me a screen protector but I turned them down.

I received a screen protector as a gift but I've never used it. Still no scratches since launch. I treat the GamePad like a newborn baby, though.

Nope. Have one since launch, no scratches that I would be aware of.

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No. Haven't used one since launch. No noticable scratches on the screen. I don't buy screen protectors for anything.

So I guess as long as you use the stylus or your fingers it doesn't scratch at all huh.

I haven't need one since I got it a few days after launch

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