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Can you tell me at what resolution ghosts runs on Wii u?


Same as Black Ops 2.


black ops 2 resolution 880 x 720


COD ghost WiiU screens


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Wii U = X1 confirmed.

Woah. That looks pretty bad..... Hopefully it performs well in multiplayer though as that's what really matters. Wonder if it will get dedicated servers?

KingdomHeartsFan said:

Wii U = X1 confirmed.

no xb1 is 1280x720

1280 pixels horizontal and 720 vertical


wonder if the wiiu version has the graphical upgrades from ps4xb1 versions like dynamic lighting and displacement mapping


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I guess it might be cause there is TV + Gamepad split screen support so the wiiU has to render the resolution on the TV and on the Gamepad... Sighhhhhh... I guess only Nintendo games look good on Nintendo consoles :/ (For the most part)

But from what I can tell... Instead of trying to port it from X1/Ps4/PC, they just went with the ps3/360 version


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Hmm.....for me it come down to free online or installing 41 gig of memory and paying for online......hmmm

Good thing graphics doesn't phase me much.

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Free online and off tv play is all I care for.

some more info and screens

The first details and screenshots for the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts have come in, less than week before the game launches.

One of the Treyarch developers has been answering questions about Ghosts’ release on Nintendo’s console on the official Call of Duty forums as well as Twitter. Additionally, one Wii U owner has already managed to get his hands on a copy of the game, hence the appearance of the screenshots above.

Here’s the details roundup:

- Same dev team that worked on Black Ops II for Wii U
- Wii Remote use: same as Black Ops II with a handful of fixes/adjustments from last year’s release
- Headset support will be the same.
- “Our version was optimized for the highest quality Wii U experience.”
- Look acceleration from Black Ops II returning
- Will be at/close to 60 FPS
- Same resolution as Black Ops II
- Resolution should be 880 x 720
- “The Wii Remote was tested at great length during the entirety of the CoD: Ghosts development process. ”
- Won’t be on the eShop
- Will have off-TV play
- Lean glitch patch coming at launch like other consoles
- Extinction mode officially confirmed for Wii U
- No specific date as to when patch support will end

 On whether it’s ported up from the PS3/360 versions or down from the PS4/Xbox One versions

It’s not that cut and dry. We developed the Wii U version to deliver the best experience it could be on the Wii U.

On what part of the development process takes nearly a year of work if Treyarch already had the Wiimote controls established from previous games and is using Infinity Ward assets

there’s a lot of work to be done. Not everything translates perfectly. Our first Wii U title was made from Treyarch code. This one is IW’s code, so that needed to be readied for the Wii U. That’s a lot of it. Then there’s GamePad support, Wii Remote adjustments, optimizations and more. While the Wii U is technically considered a port, we don’t approach it that way. We work hard to develop an experience that is catered to our unique audience. For example, no other platform supports this many controllers. I’m happy we chose to stick with the Wii Remote for the Wii U. It is a controversial subject on these forums, and I understand why.

On why Ghosts wasn’t confirmed for Wii U until a few months ago

Treyarch doesn’t control those things, that’s Activision, so I can’t speak to that.



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Locknuts said:
Woah. That looks pretty bad..... Hopefully it performs well in multiplayer though as that's what really matters. Wonder if it will get dedicated servers?

The images included in the OP were 900 x 506 rescaled on this site to 753 x 423.  The images BHR-3 posted were 1280 x 720 resized to 755 x 425 on this site.  Right click and click on view image and you will see them in their native resolution.  What I don't know if how much compression was used in the JPG.


Now, since the images posted by BHR-3 are 1280 x 720, are those for the Wii U or not?

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KingdomHeartsFan said:

Wii U = X1 confirmed.

The way some people type around here, you'd believe it. Somehow WiiU can hit 720 and 1080 fine but the X1 won't be able too?


VGC Logic at it's finest.


On topic, there is a freakin space level?!?!?!