Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Leak Images of The 3 Event Pokemon From XY? (It might Be Spoilers)


Here they are! The rumor/hacked 3 pokemon! Found by a suppose hacker... Link in the bottom

In Order

1 Rock/Fairy

2 Fire/Water

3 Ghost/Pyskic

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I hope its true, i dont usally like legendaries but man oh man i want a fire/water pokemon!

Weak to: Ground/Rock/Elec
Good Agaisnt: Ground/Rock/Fire/Bug/Ice/Grass/Steel (ironic with good against lol)

We have a new rock/fairy named Carbink as well this gen

The Ghost/Psykic is interesting typing but....

Weak to(X4 Weakness): Dark/Ghost

Fire/Water? I like that.

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I was so disappointed with post game for x and y. Hopefully this is true, need more legend arise!


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Something about the color scheme and patterns make all of them look.. off.

Whoa a Fire/Water pokemon? :D

And people were worried X/Y would only have 3 legendaries :^)

AgentZorn said:
Something about the color scheme and patterns make all of them look.. off.

It's called being horribly over-designed. Welcome to pokemon post 2003.

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Ewww....what the hell? Those designs are horrible. But I like Fire-Water type though.