Forums - Gaming Discussion - Xbox360 COD Ghosts 720p 60 fps vs Xbox1 COD Ghosts 720p 60 fps: Which will look better?

Which will look better?

Xbox360 COD Ghosts 720p 60 fps
Xbox1 COD Ghosts 720p 60 fps

I suppose the Xbox360 is slightly sub-720p so the xbox1 version probably has the slight edge. 

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This cannot possibly be a real question. O_O


EDIT: Voted for the 360 version just for the fun of it and I see I'm not alone

Quite an original thread! We need more threads like this!

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Both versions will have similar resolutions, but the XBONE one should have next-gen assets and effects.


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I seriously doubt the 360 version has a chance against the Xbox One version at all.

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I know this is Xbone bashing and not a serious question, but the 360 version will not have the subdivision and parallax mapping the Xbone version will.

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Ima go with the 360, you just can't beat experience.

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This is a stupid comparison... Everyone knows Cod Ghosts on the SNES will be the superior version


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I'm pretty sure the Xbone version has to look better. I'd be interested to know whether it is closer to the 360 or PS4 version though.

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Xbox 360 will look better because the developers have more experience and familiarity with the 360 hardware than the One.


I hope somebody actually takes this post seriously.