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So far the Xbox One game cases we saw were either without the jacket or with mock up jackets printed by the shops displaying them. This time around we get to see the real deal (or at least an official mock up, if you will), from official Microsoft sources.

Microsoft France and its PR firm Edelman are preparing for the Paris Games Week trade show, and apparently they’re bringing games with them. They also have no qualms about showing them off.

You can see two pictures below, tweeted by Xbox France’s own twitter account and by Community Manager Mister Moreau. That’s a nice pile of Xbox One games. I wonder if they’re going to share…


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not that it matters, but I wonder what putting the disc on the front does. Is it meant to differentiate, or does it have some other purpose.. why change it? lol

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I wanted to see the Ryse box art.

I take it they don't actually have discs in?

But I do like the embedded Xbox One logo, I just wish that they went back to the PS2 rules where all the text on the side had to be the same so I can have better consistency in my collection....

Sweet cases



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They're using the thinner BluRay case, cool

JGarret said:
I wanted to see the Ryse box art.

Would look close to this:


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It looks so much better than the 360 design. I'm not saying it's bad... It's just... Passable!

Way better than the ugly X360 boxes, still hate the green.
That's actually the only reason why I'm going with PS4 this gen.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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holy shit those boxes are very cool