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For my and my friends we all get together and go to a few local amusement parks for their 'Scary Themed' Halloween Events.  They have mazes, people in scary mask that will jump out and scare you, change to a spooly theme on some rides, have Halloween Shows (more on that in a bit), etc.  It's lots of fun, we usually meet early and grab dinner, then on to the park.  It's one of our best days of the year.

On another day some friends and I carve pumkins!

Another one I have been doing lately is a local train museum sets up a special 'Halloween Train Ride.' That I have been going on too.  This one is more subdued, and my friends with younger kids, like under 13 can take them to these rides, and the amusement parks are just much to scary for a little one. They love that they get to go with us.

I also like to watch some Scary Movies and play Scary Games.  I don't have one single Halloween movie I watch every year - just pick a few scary ones (One was Videodrome - watch it!) This year I've replayed Alan Wake - got all the achievements on the main game, and The Walking Dead.  I like them both, but Alan Wake is in my top ten so it's in a league above the others.  Two years ago it was Limbo.

And for Shows - a friend of mine is a lead singer in a punk band so I usually go to that, but missed it this year.  He performs and it's part of a big undead zombie event with food, drinks and face painting. Some people make really fancy costumes too.

Also, part of my town has some big Halloween Festivals, but one has gotten so big that it's not really any fun anymore. I mean like instead of it being a local thing, it has like 35,000 people.  I notice a few years ago more people going to ogle and hear the bands than dress up.  I think if you are going you should dress up! That just kind of ruins it for me (and the people bring their kids in strollers?  It's not a place for kids - it's a giant adult Halloween party.)

This year I was super excited as I got to see Elvira Mistress of the Dark in person.  She still looks great and dance and sings(!) in her show.  She also told a bunch of jokes, and has people come up from the audience.  I have always wanted to see her. It was a great suprize treat.

Those are some of mine.   What are yours?


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Well I usually watch halloween themed movies/horror movies in the coming days up to Halloween.


Havent been able to do this year though but I did watch some of Angry Video Game Nerd's reviews on horror movies at his Cinemassacre site which were great!


I think I might watch some in the next few days since all my tests (from school) and stuff are over from this week.


I'm gettin the itch to watch the Scooby Doo show: "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo" - that is a halloween classic!


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i buy pumpkins, my black cat named caska has an unnatural love for them. i buy or make a different costume every year. i used to take my gf out some where new. This year she's germinating my sin so we'll give out chocolate bars. The two of us are into crafts, this year we used a computerized paper cutter to make a diorama on our entrance way.

Hanging out with friends and watching old Halloween specials/cartoons, related movies, shit like that.

Being someone who is into my heritage, especially the Celtic part, I would really earnestly love to be able to have more traditional (pre-Christian style) Samhain celebrations, but in this day and age, in most parts of the world, sadly that is pretty hard to accomplish.

I go to a haunted house maybe?

IDK Halloween isn't really my holiday for traditions.