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Worst 3D Sonic game

Sonic Adventure 5 4.00%
Sonic Adventure 2 1 0.80%
Sonic Heroes 6 4.80%
Shadow the Hedgehog 32 25.60%
Sonic and the Secret Rings 11 8.80%
Sonic and the Black Knight 23 18.40%
Sonic Unleashed 21 16.80%
Sonic Colors 3 2.40%
Sonic Generations 3 2.40%
Other answer 20 16.00%

Other than Sonic 06 - I would say secret rings or the black knight. unleashed was ok until the werehog parts...


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BasilZero said:

Other than Sonic 06 - I would say secret rings or the black knight. unleashed was ok until the werehog parts...

      The daytime levels in Unleashed were Ok, but they were too much "boost to win" and the controls were really sluggish at times.

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Shadow the Hedgehog was a poor man's Ratchet & Clank mixed with faulty 3D Sonic. Second worst on that list is Sonic Adventure with it's absolutely atrocious hub. Plus the quality of the six stories was all over the place and even the best parts were just average. It was also the first game (to my knowledge) that went with a "Sonic lives among humans" plot. Just awful.

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Sonic Adventure 1 is the best Sonic game Sega have ever made so definitely not that one. Though the subsequent ports have introduced more and more bugs and glitches. If you haven't played Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast, sadly you haven't really played it :(

Colours and Generations were both awesome games too. I didn't personally enjoy Sonic Heroes too much nor unleashed (though it was finally a massive step in the right direction), but I think for me, the worst of the bunch were the 2 Wii exclusive into the screen ones.

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I went with Unleashed. I still have nightmares.


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I really can't say. Since the other games were labeled bad, I avoided them. But I did play Shadow. That for me is the worst 3D game. Adventure does have the worst hub system. I can't remember were anything is.

Shadow the Hedgehog was awful and Sonic Unleashed was really bad too. I loved both the Adventure games, especially the second. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to play Colors or Generations yet.

Of the ones I played I would say Sonic Unleashed. The parts where you used Sonic where ok I guess. But I hated that the game had a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of wherehog vs sonic stages. And the wherehog stages where shit, I can't find another word to describe those stages other than shit, stinky and gross to the tact.

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