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I thought about an amazing thing really. People talk about how this generation is better than that one and so forth BUT! What I realized is that each day it actually becomes better and better to be a gamer because we do not only get all those classic games that we love, but new experiences that we will revisit in years to come.

I am a big sucker for replaying great games so my question is this: what games have you replayed the most during the years? For me it´s:

Sonic 2: This is the epitomy of platforming in my view.

Phantasy star 4: I have replayed this games two times this summer, that says it all I think :).

H.E.R.O: Stil as insanely tough as the first I played it on Atari 2600. And the controls are just perfect.

NiGHTS into dreams: I probably haven´t played any games as much as this one except for...

Panzer Dragoon Zwei: Well this is on-rails shotting at it´s best.

Panzer Dragoon Saga: Replayed it this summer and I actually like it even more now. This is the best action RPG I have played.

Halo:CE: When I bought the remake I just had to go through it several more times :).

Soul calibur: The Dreamcast reign supreme!

Geometry Wars evolved: I have sunk hours and hours into the Pacifiscm game :).

Sega Rally: It was the best on Saturn, so simple and addictive. Me and my nephew played against each other on one track in a continous race for more than an hour straight, never being more than 5 seconds from each other :).

So, what are you fondest gaming memories?

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Pokemon Sapphire
Metroid Prime
Metroid Fusion
Super Castlevania IV

Unfortunately I don't find enough time to replay classic titles with a huge backlog weighing me down. The old games I replay are mostly multiplayer: Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Halo, etc.

My backlog nowadays is too huge to even think about replaying most of my old games. I can only think of Xenogears, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Shadow of The Colossus, Zone of the Enders 2, GTA: Sand Andreas, Uncharted 2, and Flower.

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I haven't been going back too much lately, but I always enjoy replaying A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy IX, & Donkey Kong Country. They're timeless. :)

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thought about doing this thread myslf. games i revist the most

halo ce been playng snce day one, no all the glitches n easter eggs. still the best coop sinfe contra
mario 64 beaten this dozens of times, never gets old and now its upconverted on wii u
ocarina of time my first 3d open world adventure, beaten it a dozen times
wave race stillthe greatest ski doo sim, nothing cant top its design, i still play this
super metoid beaten this dozns too.
metoid the game that made me a gamer, my favorite of all time nver gets old
tloz i replay sometimes dungeon music got old but love the secrets item placement and world
gta iv beaten the game and dlc and replayed for havoc tons
oblivion made ten characters and spent dozens of hours on each including dlc
red dead redemption i took the long way inbeating this. took my sweet time. rushed the dlc
mortal kombat 9 vita beaten story and unlocked all bonuses i am currently perfecting my noob skillz
super mario 3D land i didnt think i d like this one but ive beaten it twice andam still playijg
Wii fit playing every week for almost 5 years and counting wii fit u comes for free next week
assassins creed 3 to much to do loving every mnute a second time


bad typing complments of vita

The most replayable titles are like NES and SNES games. Modern games, even the best ones, are usually only good for 1-3 play through and that's pushing it IMO.

I play Pikmin 2 at least twice a year. I've played Wind Waker a whole bunch of times. I can't even count the number of times I've run through Resident Evil 4. Same with Ocarina of Time. I frequently find myself picking up Resident Evil: Revelations and Super Mario 3D Land on my 3DS even though I've beaten the crap out of them.

Some games are just a joy to pick up and play every single time. The perfect mix of gameplay that never gets old and similarly isn't quite so deep that you feel you need to "get into it" to play.

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Tetris Attack.

I can't revisit games from previous gens or my backlog starts to consume me (For example, I borrowed Fire Emblem for the GBA to a friend and when he gave it back to me, I couldn't help but play it again).


So here goes the games I tend to revisit the most from this gen:


· Dead Rising: the one and only. I've always enjoyed its Dynasty Warriors gameplay with its what-you-can-grab-you-can-use-as-a-weapon against zombies. Possibly one of my favourite games from the seventh gen. Beaten it like, 9 or 10 times. I've even managed to learn how the atrocious AI work in my favour.


· Geometry Wars 2: one of the greatest co-op games, ever. Also, pretty challenging. I haven't made that stupid "Smile" achievement yet! xD


· Dark Souls: shouldn't need explanation. The world is so intense, I want to loose myself in it anytime I can. Dark Souls II is on the way, baby!


· Fallout: New Vegas: another of my favourite games of the seventh gen. Fallout 3 was a masterpiece, but New Vegas was even better. With more than 300 hours sunk in it, I still go back from time to time and beat it again.