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Destiny - Creators of Halo

Titanfall - Creators of Call of Duty


Now both are new IPs with new publishers. The 2 biggest publishers in the world. Both require online connections. Both are cross-gen (their design is anchored down by current gen). Neither looks particularly great in the graphics department, although I would give Destiny a slight edge due to art style. 

Destiny looks like the next Halo.... Titanfall looks like COD with mechs.


This time around, the Halo developer Bungie is multiplatform while the former COD developer is exclusive (timed, most likely). Both will get HUGE marketing.


Destiny will be on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360... with exclusive content for PS4/PS3 and an advertising deal with Sony.

Titanfall will be on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.... with a PS4/PS3 release sometime down the road. Probably a year after it's released, like Mass Effect 2 and BioShock.


Which franchise will be more popular now? Which will sell more? Which will get better reviews? 


IMO they are both a little overhyped. Some have called Destiny a Halo/Borderlands mash up.... Titanfall is really only being hyped because its exclusive. Lets be honest, if it were multiplatform it wouldnt be getting nearly as much hype as it is. It's basically COD with mechs, and no single player or co-op. 

I know its crazy, but a lot of people actually play COD's campaigns. They were also critical in creating hype and "controversy" for COD, with edgy chapters that had an option to be skipped by players, and Michael Bay set pieces. 

Not having single player is going to hurt Titanfall a little bit. 

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Probably Destiny, if only because it will be multiplatform. That said, Titanfall is likely to be bigger on the One, if only because it will be hyped as an exclusive and tap into the CoD market.

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I think they are both a bit overhyped, but I think Destiny will do better, mostly because it is launching on more than double the install base of Titanfall

There are still questions of how Destiny will actually be structured, I just don't understand how it is going to work.

Titanfall is more straightforward, even if it does have some sort of pseudo-single player mode, it is mostly just a multiplayer game

Salnax said:
Probably Destiny, if only because it will be multiplatform. That said, Titanfall is likely to be bigger on the One, if only because it will be hyped as an exclusive and tap into the CoD market.

Well, really, they're both multiplatform. Just that Destiny will have PS3/PS4, 360/X1, and PC releases, while TitanFall is, for now, locked to just three devices: 360/X1/PC.

OT: I imagine TitanFall starting off bigger, actually (if not for much of the hype alone), but Destiny will probably take the overall sales lead.


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At the moment Destiny seems to have the richer story, and Bungie are really good at making games :). That said, destiny hasnīt impressed me much so far, while the gameplay of Titanfall is so new and refreshing.

Neither game has really impressed me yet. I do think Destiny will sell better though since it's reaching a broader audience.

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I hope Destiny becaus eof Bungie but noo clue

I don't think TitanFall will be very big Destiny will be a way bigger

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Titanfall, cause Titanfall is being overhyped. Titanfall will only be as successful as the marketing dollars invested into it, thus being a huge franchise. Destiny however will be invested nicely into, but I feel like it'll be more a niche type of MMO than a popular one.

All of this, of course, is just my opinion.

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