Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Resident Evil Revelations on Sale on Eshop for both WiiU and 3ds

Anyone played this game yet? I am thinking to get it if its worth playing

Its on Sale on wiiU for $20 (Reg $49.99)

And on 3ds for $10 (Reg $19.99)

Edit: Also Which version do you recommend getting?


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At those prices you don't even need to think twice, if you don't own either version yet.

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I've only played the 3DS demo (own the Wii U version but haven't tried it yet) but from what I gather it's a solid game if you like old-school Resident Evil. Definitely worth checking out for that price!

I enjoyed it a lot on 3ds and for that price, it's a fucking steal.

Those are mighty fine prices o.O

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Already own it for 3DS but at these prices it's a steal.

I am so so glad I didn't buy it before this news. Almost did when it was first available for Wii U, and I wouldn't haven't even gotten to it yet.

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Really good deal. Also Zombi U is on sale and so is Trine 2. Trine is 7.99, I think Zombi U is around 40.00

I might buy, but it seems this sale is NA only :(.

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RolStoppable said:
At those prices you don't even need to think twice, if you don't own either version yet.

I thought the demo was ... ok... is it really a good game?