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Due to a recent thread on VGchartz I have been thinking of the first console I bought for myself that I did not have to share with anyone else (but i did anyway) which was the GameCube.

There was just something about the GameCube that I loved as a console but where its always at with consoles is the Games and the GameCube, given its short life span, had great games in abundace.

While it would be hard for me to narrow down say a top ten list my number one is an easy pick, The Legend of Zelda Windwaker.

The game was my first 3D Zelda and I loved it. It had a vibrant visual and animation style, the world you inhabited was the most rewarding in terms of just sailing around exploring the different islands, the combat system was simple but tight, the boss fights were cool and massive, the characters had charm and the different story arcs and dungeons had variety. Plus Sword to the face.

Currently loving the HD remake.

So if you were a fan of the GameCube ,please tell me your favourite GameCube game and why.

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there's too much to chose from. i particualy loved Geist and Eternal Darkness a lot, both unique and fun games, then there's F-Zero GX which had mind blowing graphics imo for it's time, and the amazing Metroid Prime which took my favorite nIntendo franchise and put it in an amazing 3D world, and we can't forget Paper Mario TTYD and Smash Bros ^^

I think its F-zero GX actually. It was SEGA's last great racer.

mario kart double dash
zelda WW
sonic heroes

love them both, i cant chose only one!

Smash Bros. Melee.


I remember rushing from school on Fridays to a friend's house and spend hours and hours playing it together.

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Super Mario Sunshine, besides Bowser Jr., I love the challenged and the voice acting was hilarious. The Water gameplay was fun and the setting felt....pleasing. I'm award of it wasn't the best, but I give them a break since it was the second 3D Mario game.

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Resident Evil 4; the greatest game I have ever played.

From its tense and dynamic combat, to its flawless balance of action and horror, to its haunting atmosphere, it's an absolute masterclass in video game design.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

It had perfect classic turn-based combat and a great presentation.

That's why something like Super Paper Mario was so disappointing. Sticker Star went back to the classic formula a little but not quite enough. Maybe next time.

Hard question but I would go with "Skies of Arcadia: Legends" which I missed on the Dreamcast and one of the reasons I purchased a GameCube.

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Well, I would pick Resident Evil 4 as the best game.

My personal favorite is probably Smash Bros. Melee or Double Dash!!, the two games I've played the most.