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So a couple of weeks ago i decided to post a thread to ask the vgchartz community,the question was simple 3ds or xbox one,after some downs and lows,considerations and sony minions spam i decided to go with the 3ds.

The reason: the existing games library,price,pokemon and retrocompatibility.The community recommended me games and i have tried some of the demos (love fire emblem)sry Ace Attourney guy i didnt like that game.

So for all your help a big thank you,but now is the moment of truth did I enjoyed the 3ds hardware,was this departure from xbox land to nintendo land a sucess ?

I bought a black 3ds the normal ones( the XL was too expensive)a case,2 games (Pokemon Y,Zelda Ocarina of time 3D),lets get the bad out of the way first,the battery life sucks ok glad thats over. The good:The design is sleek,small and portable fits my pocket wonderfully,the circle pad and the clickness of the buttons are very well made,love the stylus,the graphics have improved considerably from the ds and perhaps the big surprise the 3D effect works much better than cinema 3D.

But hardware is just one thing games are what sell sistems,pokemon Y was a good pokemon game unfortunetly the difficulty lvl was too low,i beat the crap out of the elite four and the champion,but the sense of adventure is still there altought it lost some of its moxie.( I still have to create a friend code for the MP stuff but people tell me its the most awesome thing in the game)-7.510 so far...

Zelda:OOT,is the one with impressive 3d effects,never played OOT before so its going to be a blast for sure i will begin playing today (wish me luck).

The future, to be honest im a little worried about the software for the 3ds...nah just kidding,Fire Emblem is a buy and so is Kingdom hearts 3D ,smash bros is coming and luigi dark mansion 2 looks lovely..

So there you have it,im very happy with the 3DS...nintendo land is familiar but lovely its full of charm like a bubble of dreams inside the videogame pr madness thats going between sony and MS,now the xbox one is a certain buy no doubt about that(march Portugal release plz),but i really do recommend  everyone who is or is not a nintendo fan to give this one a try the 3D is spectacular and so is the game library .

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That's good to hear! Pokemon was really easy but there is always competitive play if you are into that or have Poke battles with your friends!

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Pokemon is as easy as you want it to be. Just try a random battle online and you'll see how not so easy it is unless you know what you're doing.

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Wow, sounds like the community really helped you out.

It is near the end of the end....

Glad to hear you are loving your purchase! You should also really consider Mario 3D land and paper Mario:sticker star. Animal crossing is also an excellent game if you are into these life simulation type of games. Also, don't forget Zelda:A link between worlds that is coming out in 1month! :D

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Agreed with you OP, i was never a big portable gamer (sure I owned them in the past but always preferred consoles).

The 3DS is what I think is hurting the Wii U. The library on 3DS makes the Wii U look like a illegitimate child of the same father lol.



I really need a new 3DS game, either Pokémon, Fire Emblem, or wait for Bravely Default next year... hmm...

While I liked like pokemon considerably more than you. I agree and wish they put a harder mode for story, along with the easier modes.

Ofcourse battles with people are more difficult. But that doesn't be the other parts shouldn't have the option to be more difficult IMO.