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The Ad was

Good 190 75.10%
Bad 47 18.58%
Ach du grüne Neune! 16 6.32%

Awesome advert!


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Good ad. and it seems like it can cut down to fut any time slot with out losing the meaning

Neat ad. :]

I want a titan to come and get me from work. :(

Best gaming ad i saw this year!

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Yeah, that was pretty good. Sony & MS going for very similar things with these; but that's a good thing.

Steven Gerrard was born in the same hospital as me, so plus points for using him too.

Best part for me was the Roman guy at the end. Loved how assertive he was hahaha

Only thing I didn't care for was the random Spock appearance. Other than that I thought it was a great trailer that showed gamers what they want to see. Definitely made me excited about the next gen.

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That was pretty darn awesome.

Pretty good ad. Showed lots of games. It also had some celebrity cameos.