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Hey folks, here's a little idea.  Share your Wii U Daily Log.  It's easy.


1. Open Daily Log

2. Switch to monthly intead of daily

3. Press the Home Button

4. Open Internet Browser

5. Go to or

6. Upload your screen shots

7. Use the links to those images to share on vgchartz


Here is mine


I put in 147 hours already this month.  100 hours on the internet which includes movies I stream via playon.  30 hours of gaming.

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mine is empty... too busy with the Pokemans

18h of Wind Waker HD...then Pokemans released. I've yet to finish Wind Waker :D

98 hours? I thought my porn problem was bad!

Not posting a pic but I've spent about 40 hours on Wind Waker HD with NSMBU and Call of Duty sprinkled in.

The Wind Waker HD 33 hours 1 min
Internet Browser 22 hours 18 minutes
Nintendo ëShop 39 minutes
Miiverse 9 minutes

I'm afraid mine is empty :( Been busy with Glory of Heracles on DS and Darksiders and Psychonauts on PS3 and Xbox, respectively. Gonna start Monster Hunter 3 with my buddy soon though.

I'm not home, but my Wii U log would have a bunch of WWHD, BLOPS2, Batman:AC and a little Pikmin 3. Been enjoying the Wii U this month, as always.

Mine was in the shop for most of the month. And spent the last four days in the eShop and Download manager. Haven't played it yet since I"m playing Pokemon. I will probally be buying and playing Batman and CoD in the next few weeks. (But mostly still playing Pokemon...)


I'm afraid there's nothing, been busy with school, Pokemon and Devil May Cry 1 on the 360. I'll probably get back into the last few star coins and Monster Hunter 3 in November.

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Mine has been empty for months. Not for lack of games (stockpiling six Wii U games), but rather lack of time. Plus, Pokemans.

Very impressive hours spent on your Wii U though. The most I've played mine in a month was 57 hours.