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The PS5 Exists. 

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The only launch title I'm looking forward to. Not just because I'm a huge Killzone Fan, but also because of


Okay, I'm off, have to get the Killzone Mercenary Platin before PS4 comes out so I can fully concentrate on Shadow Fall! Only 46 MP matches left!

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Gotta say.. Best next gen graphics by far. Seems like story and gamplay have improved too from the other installments. DAY 1. That's for sure.

The more I see the more I want my damn ps4!!!! Its the longest 22 days to go ever.


Incredible images! From real gameplay, this game is winning the graphics war and the multiplayer game I got to play was very fun so it's looks like its going to be great to play as well

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By far the best looking launch game

Best ps4 launch graphics. Well alongside battlefield 4. Although i think battlefield 4 is technically more impressive with its dynamic weather and its fully destructible scenery.

some pretty good previews there. I expect 90 meta for this game. Enjoy ps fans.

Not quite Crysis 3 maxed on PC, but considering this is a launch title and on console, it's rather impressive.

Seems GG took a good look at Halo. That is a good thing, as the artstyle is a beautiful clash between the dark and gritty from older Killzone titles and the colorful fantasy of Halo. It looks great.

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I really look forward to the PS4 and this gen's games. We finally will see really beautiful games. There were some good looking this gen, but pretty much all of them, except from those with cartoony artstyle and side scrollers, were "faking" it. Just stand really close to a wall, get off a scripted path, and you'll see low res textures everywhere. Anything that was distant, was covered in blur and low LoD, not to mention aliasing and jaggies.
I hope the PS4 AAA games will be free of those issues, at least the majority of them.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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