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Why we have not seen time travellers?

Time travel is impossible 53 49.07%
Time travellers are hidden among us 29 26.85%
The world ends before it is invented 26 24.07%

 Keeping in trend with vgchartz these days simple question is time travel possible? To me if time travel is possible why have we never encountered time travellers, what is stopping them from coming back into the past (our present).   This leaves me to conclude three logical scenarios.

1. Scientist got it wrong and time travel is impossible.

2. Time travel is possible and there are time travellers ,they just keep themselves hidden.

3. The world soon ends so time travel is never invented.

Is there something I am not understaning that someone would like to explain.

Note when I say explain I mean in your own words ,providing links and large quote trees does not show your knowledge on a topic.

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it's not possible

if time was fluid it would be possible to go back and forth but it is like dot traveling forward leaving nothing but history behind it.

imagine yourself moving around, you move with yourself and not in front or behind yourself :P

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I think if it was possible, i would imagine it like this:
You're in universe A and travel 20 years into the past. As soon as you do you immediately create a new Universe, such as Universe B that would be exactly the same as universe A but would start changing depending on what you did. It would be impossible to return to universe A and every time you time traveled, a new universe would be created. So if you went 5 years into the past of Universe B, you would create Universe C with the changes you made. Completely impossible to return back to the previous universe you traveled from.

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you are traveling through time now :D.

Times goes slowly when something is close to gravitational sources (like planets, suns, or even black hole) .


Also times goes slowly when something is moving fast. This is why time goes slower to the people that are on the space (they are moving relatively fast). And also why astronauts are considered the first time travelers (to the future), even if only for a fraction of a second.


Finally, it seems that scientists did not reach a consensus about traveling to the past yet, but there are several hyposesis about this in discussion ritgh now. For instance, some scients believe that even if we cannot go to the past, at least we can send a message to the past (given that in the past, some one has a machne able to recive the message).

Time travel happens all the time. Time is not set in stone. Because of relativity, objects at different relative speeds experience time differently, that's why GPS satellites don't work with ordinary clocks, they need to be adjusted accordingly.

We can travel to the future by approaching the speed of light, that makes our time go at different rates compare to other objects or beings. Light itself doesn't experience time, the moment something makes a photon and the moment that photon becomes something else (heat) are the same very moment from that photon's perspective.

Travelling back in time is another matter though. Perhaps it's theoretically possible when surpassing the speed of light? But that can't be done so I don't think travelling to the past is possible.

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Even if time travel were possible, there would be one major quirk in the works that would pretty much kill anything that did.

Any and all transitions from one time period to the next (such as what happens to us constantly anyway) is accompanied by a physical change in location. By that I mean the Earth is constantly moving along many different vectors - rotation on the axis, around the sun, around the galaxy and through space itself. In relative terms, we're moving about 850,000 miles per hour - nearly 400 km every second.

That means that wherever in time you travel to will be in the middle of a vast empty void millions to billions to miles away from Earth itself.

The only way to compensate for the change in location would be to have some means to not just travel in time but through space with incredible accuracy and at speeds well in excess of light. Unfortunately you'd also attain infinite mass and turn into a black hole thereby destroying Earth upon arrival.

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You can speed up or slow down time as much as you like if you obtain the right speed but you cannot Time travel backwards in a single universe. The only way its possible is with traveling between dimensions but it is unlikely you could return to the "Alpha" world though. Maybe if you did something like the plot of Steins;Gate but returning to that world means that you wouldn't likely have the memories so there isn't a point

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