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EA expressed their view that they are longtime supporters of PS4. Despite having exclusivity deals with microsoft they are interested in PS4. Here is the full news.





EA President Claims They Are "Longterm Supporters" Of Sony

Planning to balance their support.


While EA may have stepped towards Microsoft this generation with DLC exclusivity deals, and into the next, allowing Microsoft to package a copy of FIFA 14 in with every “Day One” version of the Xbox One, EA president Frank Gibeau has moved to assure PlayStation fans that they’re behind Sony’s next console, which releases next month.

“We’re not tilting Microsoft’s way,” said Gibeau when asked about the FIFA 14 Xbox One bundle in the latest edition of Edge magazine. ”We are firm longterm supporters of Sony.”

He also announced plans to balance this currently skewed support, saying “I’m sure you’ll see tactical programmes between us and Sony in the future that we haven’t announced, but will make things much more balanced.”

It’s good to see that EA are confident in Sony. While they may have faltered with the launch of the PS3, it’s clear that Sony have a good approach to the next generation. In the end, it’s all about the support, so it will be interesting to see what the next few years could bring.

Source: Edge






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Let's be honest here, they tilt to the person that throws the most cash.

ofc sony really cares for that, because they most likely also want to get stabbed in the back by ea like nintendo did

Of course they are. This is a business and EA will align with whoever is best for them....

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Why would anyone believe they aren't just because they made some deals with Microsoft? It's just an agreement between two companies to produce content exclusively or release it earlier on one platform for a payment of the platform owner..

Same with all the Ubisoft exclusivity stuff on Playstation or like with Activision and exclusivity deals with Sony and Microsoft.

Yeah just like nintendo

Programs in the future? I wonder what that could mean? Knowing EA, it might just be exclusive belt buckle DLC in Battlefield 4.

Still, the way things are looking, they'd be foolish to pick against the PS4.

This shouldn't even be in doubt in the first place. EA sees PlayStation as the central pillar of the industry, thus the X1 and PS4 are fourth generation consoles.

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Avoiding to say "unprecedented relationship" I take it.