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From an article I saw on IGN it says that MS cloud servers have over 3 terrabits per second of data transfer ability. That number sounds impressive and it is but is it enough to do everything the XB1 wants?

Consider that streaming in 1080 takes about 5MPS per consumer.

That gives MS a rough capacity of 3,145,728 MPS, which allows 629,146 people to stream HD content at one time. Now I will be honest, I have no idea how much space MS will need to do stuff like auto updates or stream background textures for games.  Of course Akamai built their edge system to help reduce and deal with that kind of network stress so I can imagine the number is significantly higher somewhere like 10X. However, just for comparison purposes Obama's State of the Union live stream had 7 million viewers watching and used over 2 terabytes of capacity per second in 2010. 

The good thing about this for MS though is MS has increased their servers from around 70,000 to 300,000 and upped their maximum data transfer ability. The bad news is the growing popularity of video streaming will tax the infrastructure as by 2015 Cisco projects that video streaming will make up 90% of all internet usage. With live events being streamed at 50 to 100 MPS the amount of servers MS will need will like quadruple. 

I believe MS has a great idea to integrate XB1 with Akamai and to use their cloud servers as dedicated servers for multiplayer and for xbox live. I also believe that due to streaming concerns and other Akamai service responsibilities that outside of COD, Halo and Titanfall, that the XB1 will offer dedicated servers on very many games. 

I also believe the idea that Akamai will be used to run background textures and other components of games has been blown out of proportion, like dedicated servers I see this only occuring in major first party releases like Halo or important third party partnerships like with COD. 

I will be watching what happens closely but I would not expect Akamai to make a significant impact on the XB1 performance until 2015-2016. 

MS and Akamai has me intrigued but right now I will be sticking with the PS4 until at least March 11th, 2014. 

Are you excited for the XB1, COD dedicated servers and the power of the cloud? If you are let everyone know why, if you are not please share your opinion without acting like a giant flaming douche troll. 

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Cloud powered tech is cool, but I really believe the infrastructure just isn't there yet for offloading computations.

Evolving worlds like in MMOs will be cool though.


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See... what I wish they would do is you have the X1 doing all the local graphical work and such but if the bandwidth is available, then use the power of the cloud to enhance the graphics even more like draw distance and such. Make it optional obviously but a lot of people will realize what the power of cloud can really bring on situations like that because, in theory, the power of the cloud is unlimited but they aren't using it correctly imo...


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I don't want cloud integration in my games unless its for the multiplayer, because down the road when I want to play my game and its not supported anymore I will have a gimped game or a game that doesn't even work anymore.

KingdomHeartsFan said:

I don't want cloud integration in my games unless its for the multiplayer, because down the road when I want to play my game and its not supported anymore I will have a gimped game or a game that doesn't even work anymore.

That does seem like a concern then again the system could easily just patch the game to remove those sections before removing it from the cloud.

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For people who must or want to play offline, it has no power at all.

The Cloud is overpowered.

Almost as powerful as Cell (the responsible of Beyond: Two Souls):

It's going to take over the world and harvest fans of other consoles.

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I want a console with the powa of Cell and the powa of Clouldz