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I'm enjoying Y more than I've enjoyed any Pokemon game since Gold when I was 12 years old. I'm now nearly 24 and a PhD student. The pacing is far better than it has been for a while, the variety of creatures is stronger, and obviously the presentational upgrades help.

I don't see why you are so bothered by features like "dressing up my little pink and cute monsters or entering them into a fashion show." These are entirely optional features and absolutely not representative of the core experience of the game.

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Wait X and Y have fashion shows?

Didnt they switch out Musicals from last gen with the PR video thing?

I've only liked Pokemon RBY and GS, everything else was meh to me. Then XY somehow got my attention all over again. It may be the same formula, but it feels different to me somehow.

What I really want GameFreak/Nintendo to do is make an actual fighting game with Pokemon, something similar to Power Stone where you can walk all over the field 3D than a 2D fighter.

Nintendo actually only Owns 30% of the franchise, and it's Game Freak that chose where, when and why to make the main series games, the other side games are choosed by "The Pokemon Company" that rules the Pokemon franchise

I only started playing Pokemon with Diamond. My only real complaints would have to be the overtly childish dialogue and the ease of most of the trainer battles (especially the gym battles). I would give my Lucario and Charzard for some proper 6 on 6 battles early in the single player mode. At the very least, gym leaders should have six Pokemon that are leveled in a way to give you a challenge. I could also go for a less linear experience, one that let you challenge the gyms in any way you chose to, but that structure doesn't really bother me because an open world structure would also make the game feel to much like an old school RPG, where brainless exploration can get you killed by things that are leveled too highly for you.

But in the end, I still find these games to be a lot of fun. I appreciate the sense of fun and adventure these games have, the excitement of discovering new places and creatures. If the games had a better story I think they would be much more endeering, but as they are, I love em. XY is probably my favorite game in the series to date: it's beautiful, it's multiplayer is ridiculously easy to access, and none of the activities feel stupid or superfluous.

Even only Team Flare didn't sound like it was being run by a bunch of 8 year olds....

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NintendoPie said:

Next, if you are saying that they never change the formula for the games, but also stating that Pokemon "used to be hands down the best portable game available in my opinion." then doesn't that in turn mean that it is still the best portable game available? If they keep that same winning formula, how did it turn into a worse game?

Because it becomes dated, standards rise, so a game that doesn't change ends up with low standards.


Its scary that Nintendo owns only a minority Stake. Hopefully they get a bigger share or get pokemon rights

I'm glad Nintendo owns the rights for Pokemon.

Edit: Just saw that Nintendo only owns a minority percent. 

Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said:

Funny you were talking about Sonic's simple but high res/quality artstyle yet the game's actual content seems right up your alley ( you liked Sonic Adventure 2 raite?)

I suppose you were talking to me. I dont find Sonic adventure 2 childish. I'm not sure what you are getting at. I find the Art style on Sonic lost world to be aiming at a very young demographic. If you hear the dialogue, its pretty clear aswell. As far as Sonic lost world's gameplay, i havent played it. All i can tell is from the video footage.

This is a recurring trend I've seen in gamers, they 'mature' out of certain games then a few years later they usually wake up, actually mature a little bit and realize it's okay to like things your friends may or may not.

Usually it occurs around the 18-25 year timespan (and no it isn't a coincidence that is the PS360's main audience). They play video games because they are cool and fun from introduction to adolesence, then they have to play 'mature' sex blood drugs gore games until they actually grow up and decide which games to actually play on their own and not let others decide for them. Happened to me (a little younger, I was 15-16 when I quit the kiddy console games and played only PC for a few years - then I realized that I was missing out on some awesome stuff by being narrow-minded)

What I'm trying to say is: is Pokemon for everyone? No, but it's a damn good RPG with a lot of depth and amazing replayability. Yes its in a 'kiddie' wrapper, that just means it's okay to play even if kids are around not that they will get all of the depth (hint: they'll grow into it, then out of it, then into it again :) )

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